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To muse or not to muse?
by KitFox
The next item of question on the table, as I prepare to clean up old stories and write new ones: I occasionally include author's comments prior to the start of a story.  I am strongly inclined to yank these, as often ...
back, and taking ideas for next TF ...
by Mickeylion    25 mins ago    
An SotF update
by Serathin    1 hour ago    
This is so stupid
by HornyBunny    2 hours ago    
by ThatOneFur...    2 hours ago    
by Malakye    3 hours ago    
Now on Facebook! :D
by NoSuchConc...    3 hours ago    
life's ah bitch
by Tesslyn    3 hours ago    
It's that time of year again!
by BrotherFlu...    3 hours ago    
Whoops, forgot to mention here.
by Jeffk38uk    3 hours ago    
Holy zen, my slots are actually FUL...
by rikkusguar...    3 hours ago    
rumors of my demise etc
by xax    4 hours ago    
Goodbye to an Old Friend
by KateTheMar...    4 hours ago    
by RollerCoas...    5 hours ago    
Hay I got my new suit on and sudden...
by Splendid    5 hours ago    
Wild Nights!
by eduardosol...    5 hours ago    
Wild Nights!
by eduardosol...    5 hours ago    
I turned 23, and I have a question.
by theskytrav...    6 hours ago    
Your Character Here Auction
by dream_and_...    6 hours ago    
That was quick...
by Skatelian    6 hours ago    
by Children o...    7 hours ago    
Hi everyone!
by significan...    7 hours ago    
My first story idea
by Cammykazzy    9 hours ago    
Character Biography - James Axeton
by Minsc9    11 hours ago    
First 5 mins of HTTYD 2
by Smuttymutt    12 hours ago    
picture confermed
by palmtree28    14 hours ago    
Help someone in need
by invisibleB...    15 hours ago    
Drunken Elephants
by Gruffy    15 hours ago    
There and back again
by Cheetahs    15 hours ago    
Writingdotcom update (Evil inside)
by GamerFox9    18 hours ago