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Mutt and Charr
by Harrar SwiftFang
"Hey, Mutt?" "Yes, Harrar?" "What would it take for me to kiss you?" "Well, I will kiss you, but then I get to do something with you" "Oh really? well.. kiss me quick then" "So, now we have kissed, you are mine!"...
+FOUR SLOTS LEFT+ Requests Journal
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Unintentional April Fools
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Set #4.
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Set #2.
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Fund raiser Commission Updates!!!!!
by KSapphire8...    3 weeks ago    
I'm so hurt
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Characters (urgent)
by demon00    4 weeks ago    
Hotori Facebook
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Looking for a movie
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Short writeup!
by Tiyu    1 month ago    
Out of food. Halp a dingo and his m...
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Go Read/Watch THIS author/artist!
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Go read and follow this author!
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How to Change Your Sexuality
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What a weekend!
by The Pups    1 month ago    
God... And religion
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the differances between "the W.A."s
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Weasyl Account Get with "FOC" Annou...
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What a Transformation!
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daddy apes thoughts
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Birthday's Soon
by Frank Foxx    2 months ago    
New Commission Prices and Five Pict...
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IMPORTANT: James story, what you sh...
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