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Story Outlining
posted 20 mins ago   
Story Outlining is an important step. Filed under
M/F, Dragonborn, Human, alexander the great

A note on "two universes" (if you're not a writer this will be boring)
posted 35 mins ago   
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posted 1 hour ago   
Since people have asked, here's a rough lineup of the order of the stories as of April 2014. Definitely more to come and I'll update as it does. Bunny Games, History and Kabo are separate, but still in the same world. Filed under

Dean Shaw
Wolf/Dragon Update!
#22 of Dean    posted 2 hours ago   
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Ether Rain
Furry convention news
posted 2 hours ago   
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Update on life and conventions
posted 2 hours ago   
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What are some of your favorite video games?
posted 3 hours ago   
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video games

Story Planning, part 3: Antagonism
posted 4 hours ago   
Every story needs someone to oppose the main character's goals in some way. Although Alexander isn't the impact character of the story, he acts and represents the story's Antagonist. Filed under
M/F, Dragonborn, Human, alexander the great, Alexander, story planning

Be Prepared for an art dump!
posted 5 hours ago   
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Ask An Atheist Day
posted 6 hours ago   
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Dragon Valor
Looking For Pet
posted 8 hours ago   
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RP, Roleplaying, Dragon, king, pet, slave, Harem, M/F, Herm/f, M/Herm

Bad Boy Secrets
#108 of Why??? "2014    posted 8 hours ago   
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Twitter Feed
posted 11 hours ago   
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Character Pinup Suggestions
posted 13 hours ago   
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Kraskit Species
posted 15 hours ago   
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