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Story Outlining
by Hermes12
I wasn't good at exposition, but I went into scene crafting in Dramatica about my Dragonborn Slave story.  This is properly called "Outlining."  But apparently there is much more to "Outlining" than just scene craftin...
Story Planning, part 3: Antagonism
by Hermes12    3 days ago    
Looking For Pet
by Dragon Val...    3 days ago    
Story Planning, part 3: World Build...
by Hermes12    5 days ago    
Spring/Easter Sale!!!!!!
by KSapphire8...    1 week ago    
Yeah... I'm straight.
by Zwoosh-K9    3 weeks ago    
Story Commissions!
by Arch Fox    3 weeks ago    
HELP WANTED!!! I need ideas!!! I ha...
by Dubstep Ot...    3 weeks ago    
A friendly reminder that Commission...
by Rakisha    1 month ago    
FWA, "Exit, Stage Left," and you!
by Robert Bai...    1 month ago    
How to Change Your Sexuality
by Crimson Ni...    1 month ago    
Bookworm Reviews: Flowers in the At...
by DRP    1 month ago    
by Hazdak    2 months ago    
New Pokemon Smut Coming Soon :0
by Ether Rain    2 months ago    
New Group!
by Hazdak    2 months ago    
$5 Commissions?!! U MAD!??
by the_cooler    3 months ago    
Happy New Year
by gogow1    3 months ago    
Naked Love vs. Violence
by Hermes12    3 months ago    
CS: Selena Nova
by lonewolver...    4 months ago    
Looking for animation artist for co...
by Fenton Fer...    4 months ago    
Exquisite Waste of Time
by Kodyax    4 months ago    
Plans - what could come next - stuf...
by theAnum    5 months ago    
by LunaBorn92    5 months ago    
Coming to terms with my sexuality a...
by NATO Wolf    5 months ago    
by Isiat Squi...    6 months ago    
Furaffinity SoraSlipHeed Commission...
by Vojeto    6 months ago    
The Black Collar 2 is UP!
by Of The Wil...    6 months ago    
My Kayla Ackart Series is......bein...
by SHIPPO    6 months ago    
DnD Story Teaser
by Cripsen    6 months ago    
by gogow1    7 months ago