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Winter Skywolf
The Bad Touch(Dubstep Remix)
#8 of Music    posted 17 hours ago   
This is an OLD remix, so if it sucks, I'm sorry Filed under
dubstep, Remix

What's that Sound (remix) - Lunoris
posted 22 hours ago   
ORIGINAL Filed under
Lunoris, style, electric, type, Music

Lupine Assassin
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
posted 1 day ago   
This mashup features Reverend Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Michael Eric Dyson,, The Salsoul Orchestra and Elton John. Filed under
Experimental, mix, Remix, Mashup

#4 of Progressive/Pretentious Electronic Experimentalism    posted 1 day ago   
(round 2 - sofurry doesn't let you edit music files after uploading, poo) Here's a creepy thing I did! It's more than 20 minutes long, because serial composition is obnoxious like that sometimes. You, the casual listener expecting some pretty arrhythmic atmospheric stuff instead of almost half an hour of (purposefully) repetitive phased-loop atonal nonsense, are probably planning my death as we speak. But my carpal tunnel ("It's just copy-paste! Wah!" yeah no this required a lot of very tedious work even -with- copy-paste D:) would hate me even more if I just never put it up anywhere. Also a SoFurry exclusive, because my Soundcloud is filling up :( Filed under
Creepbient, Ambient-Trance, Ambient, Experimental, Pure Numberwang

Red Brinstar - Metroid
#5 of video game music    posted 1 day ago   
more music Filed under
red, Brinstar, Metroid, Piano

posted 1 day ago   
I don't know what to call this. Filed under
Drums, cymbal, Cymbals, Bass

Good Egg Galaxy - Mario Galaxy
#4 of video game music    posted 1 day ago   
more music Filed under
video games, Music, Piano, Mario, galaxy, good, egg, Yoshi

600 AD - Chrono Trigger
#3 of video game music    posted 1 day ago   
more music Filed under
chrono, trigger, Piano, Music, vgm, Videogamemusic, video games

Tristan Black Wolf
Aslan's Song
posted 1 day ago   
Back in my college days, in the late 1970s, I toyed for a time with the idea of making a musical out of C. S. Lewis' [i]The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.[/i] This song came to me in its entirety, in a single inspirational burst, like Athena from the head of Zeus. The rest of the musical never materialized, but this song has lasted not quite 40 years and still gets some comments from time to time. This is the song that Aslan sings on his way to sacrifice himself at the Stone Table, with Susan and Lucy at his side. There is a brief bridge at the end of his portion of this song; it covers the place were other music would take us through the terrible scene of his death. After the murderous party has left, and Susan and Lucy step away from the Stone Table to meet the dawn, they sing their own chorus of the song. There is (not included here) a third chorus which ends the entire musical, sung by survivors of the great war and declaring that "Narnia now stands as one." It was quite a vision, never completed. Filed under
Lion, Music, Musical, narnia

The Elven Tree
posted 1 day ago   
Another ambient Filed under
black, Wervolk, Blackwervolk, Blackwerwolk, Elven, elves, Elf, Ambient, Ambience, tree

Vye Riosaki
1. Morning Light (Rising Sun) [Cycles Circling album]
#1 of Singles/Promotional Songs    posted 1 day ago   
GAAH! Just when I thought I had the perfect one I deleted it. :[ I had quickly make sure that this one was loud enough for you guys to hear and had been adjusted for uploading. I have yet to get used to uploading again. >< Anyways, this was meant to be a simple song, but it then evolved into this lil thing and am I ever so happy about it. You see, I had intended to leave a little wobbly and weird as usual, but I though to myself, "Hey, this would just be like Mellow Dream," so I changed it and tried to make sure the lead synth wasn't so weird and too distracting. After that, the idea of a bass came to mind and it was then fleshed out. Added some drums and then the rest... you get the picture, right? I am happy for this one either way, as I find it a bit more poetic than I thought it would turn out (I have no idea what I mean by that). *SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER UP AHEAD* This track here is one of the more light and happy moments than the rest of the album. It feels like these would be highlights and all that, but this album should be taken in as a whole as I HAD tried to tell a story in some sense. I hope this would do well... *SPOILER ENDS SPOILER ENDS SPOILER ENDS* This is in .mp3 because using .wav or .aac would take too long or would not work. :/ Other than all my ramblings, I hope you enjoyed this piece and if you feel like it, leave some comments behind regarding my piece. It would be appreciated, but not required! *UPDATE* I had decided to release my final single for this album I'm done with and just generally wait for some more editing to be finished before I put my album up on Bandcamp for free. :3 The reason being is that I'm a nice guy and I don't want to let anyone pay for something made with Garageband. :p Cause, really, making music with this is easy and I like it. HOWEVER, the thing is that I might not be able to release any more songs - whether they're singles or not - as this album tired me out and made me bit more aware of my music making progress. This means that I would take a break from this site for a bit until I have recovered from it. PLUS, I am also going on a trip on Tuesday, so I probably won't be here Monday as I'd be busy with other things. So... I hope you enjoy my little 'teasers' of sorts with my upcoming album! :3 Yay! I am almost done editing it! :D I ALMOST FORGOT: please leave some feedback (whether they're positive or negative) on my tracks. This would definitely help me with making future tracks. Again, thanks for everything people. :3 *UPDATE AFTER SITE SHUTDOWN* I hope you would forgive me for marking this as 'a major update' again, and I hope that this doesn't really count as 'HEY, I NEED ATTENTION HERE. LOOOOK AAAAT MEEE!' If it does, well, sorry. ><'' Filed under
Ambient, Love, mellow, synthesizer, sun, morning, Downtempo, Piano, Drums, Drum, Bass, Instrumental

Vye Riosaki
7. Night (Fish Eyes) [Cycles Circling album]
#3 of Singles/Promotional Songs    posted 1 day ago   
Yay! Another single that is too early! :D With that out of the way, I guess I'm safe to say that re-uploading this is a bitch, but I don't mind. :3 At least I can waste my time again. :p ORIGINAL MESSAGE This is what I mean by having happy moments in my album. :3 Of course, this is probably different than my other two singles, but I had this idea flowing in my mind for quite sometime before making it. You see, this little thing was originally meant to try and be a cover of A Great Big World's "Say Something", then this was the result. I don't mind, though, as this seems to be my most developed song I ever made in terms of how hard it was to record and edit. For this, I am happy to say that I'm proud of this track as well my other ones. :3 I hope you enjoy this little single and I would like some feedback on this (or any of my other songs) so that my next album would be a bit more interesting and far more advanced. ^^ Thanks for stopping by! Filed under
Piano, Happy, content, song, Music, synth, synthesizer, Bass, Atmospheric, Ambient, Dream

Winter Skywolf
Bass Cannon(Original Mix)
#7 of Music    posted 1 day ago   
I made this in 2010, before flux pavillion's bass cannon Filed under
Wolf, dubstep, Bass, cannon

Walking Through the Night - Spencer
posted 2 days ago   
This is just a stress reliever. I don't care if it sounds competitive or what ever. Filed under
spencer, style, electric, type, Music

Pack Club - Deasuemory
posted 2 days ago   
Ehh......? Filed under
Deasuemory, style, electric, type, Music