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The Beast 2
posted 14 hours ago   
Filed under
M/F, Satyr, Human, sex, penetration, Story Series

Onyx Tao
Epilog for Warmaster Jack: Bors
#10 of Bors - A Warmaster Jack Novella    posted 18 hours ago   
Announcing an Epilogue to the Warmaster Jack: BORS Novella! Filed under
M/F, Orc, Incest, Fantasy

There She Is!! - Paradise
posted 1 day ago   
A tribute to SamBakZa's animation, "There She Is!!" Filed under
Rabbit, Feline, Romance, M/F

The Beast
posted 2 days ago   
Filed under
M/F, Satyr, Human, Rape, Story Progression, Fighting, Violence

Janus Oberoth
They meet
#3 of Their Story    posted 2 days ago   
Finally Lucy meets Jack. She does not know, if she can trust in him totally. Her previous bad experiences makes that she has many doubts about him. Filed under
M/F, laugh, Anatomically Correct, Character Development, Plot Development, Story Series, German Shepherd, Canine, Angst, Emotion, Feral, Relationships, Sad, Story Progression, Lucy, jack

A new world to explore.
#1 of If I could walk 500 miles.    posted 2 days ago   
I do not own pokemon, insert other non-smut related disclamer stuff here. Thanks for taking the time to read my work, its my first time really uploading anything here. No juicy stuff yet, but its comming soon, infact probably within the next hour. Constructive critism is always welcome, and feel free to tell me what you really think of hit. Filed under
Bestiality, No-Yiff, Story Progression, Story Series, Romance, pokemon, M/F

There She Is!! - Doki & Nabi
posted 3 days ago   
A homage to SamBakZa's animation "There She Is!!" Filed under
Rabbit, Feline, Romance, M/F

The Wolf In the Street Ep 6
#6 of The Wolf Series    posted 5 days ago   
Guy having sex with a demi-god Cat. Filed under
M/F, Werewolf, Transformation, Anthro, Human, Cat, penetration, Impregnation, Magic, Fingering, Yiffy, sex

Scy and the Inbo
posted 5 days ago   
Filed under
M/F, M/M, space, Cumshot, Deep Throat, Knot, Gryphon, Feral, Domination/Submission, ball fondling, blow job, cock, boobs, big tits, ballbusting, eastern dragon, Alien, Canine, Feline, Wolf

An Invincible Summer Ch. 5 - Sunloathe
#5 of An Invincible Summer    posted 5 days ago   
Elizabeth is officially lost. In uncharted waters and with strange fears filling her gut, she begins exploring every possibility. Will Michael wake up confused, annoyed, creeped out, or in love? Will North catch the burglars that have turned the house upside-down? Or will they simply continue to sail ahead, unafraid of the darkness? Filed under
crush, straight, Female, Male, House, Contemporary, smoking, tears, Depression, recovery, Sleep, Burglars, cleaning, Cooking, video games, Snow Leopard, Cat, Feline, Avian, Eagle, Clean, Friendship, Roommates, slice of life

There She Is!! - Cake Dance
posted 1 week ago   
A homage to SamBakZa's There She Is!! Filed under
Rabbit, Feline, M/F, Romance

An Invincible Summer CH. 4 - It's Not The Fall That Kills You...
#4 of An Invincible Summer    posted 1 week ago   
Elizabeth's life seems to be going irreversibly downhill. Things just keep going wrong. First she falls in love with Michael and then she...well, spoiler alert. (A/N I am so drunk. Don't ask why. I'm Stephen Kinging it.) Filed under
House, Office, Contemporary, Bad Language, Friendship, Feline, Avian, Snow Leopard, Eagle, Cat, Cheetah, desk, fired, painkillers, injury, recovery, Deer, Cervine, Clean, straight, crush, Thought Process, Internal Dialogue, slice of life

Chapter 7: The Confrontation
#8 of Sentinels    posted 1 week ago   
Skylar's fight with Ian gets interrupted before it can really begin, leading to problems far beyond what either human had expected. Filed under
Human, Wolf, Dragon, Gryphon, M/M, M/F, No-Yiff, Windragon, Plot Development, Character Development

Twilight of the Gods (Chapter 15, Book7)
#15 of TotG #7 - Dawn of Progeny    posted 1 week ago   
Okay! Now back to the Celestial Realm! We haven't seen a whole lot of it lately. Well, things are about to heat up in this story! Time to check it out! Plus, things will soon heat up between Conner and Tamamo! That is SUCH an interesting relationship lol Filed under
Kitsune, Fox, M/F, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Story Series, Story Progression, Character Development, Plot Development

Son of a Gun (Chap14, Book7)
#14 of TotG #7 - Dawn of Progeny    posted 1 week ago   
Time to meet two new characters that will soon interact with our cast! Since I wrote out so many characters in book6, and the title of this story is Dawn Of Progeny... I thought it's about time we introduce some more progeny! That's right... RUFUS DARKEN'S SON! ...And the boy's new girlfriend. Two new werewolves! YAY Oh, and look who's here! Why it's the son of the FBI agent, Phil Michener, from book1!! !!yAy!! Filed under
Werewolf, Mild Romance, conversation, dating, Brunch, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Guns, FBI, M/F