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Lost and COnfused
#1 of Feathers, Fur, and Shadows    posted 2 hours ago   
Characters: Malcum Nicholson: Purple Finch - 36y/o Daliliah Nicholson: Finch - 12y/o Jasper Watson: Maned Wolf - 15y/o Shellie Adams: Main Coon - 25 y/o Lexie Broom: Pangolin - 32 y/o Jennifer Sweets: Rabbit - 15 y/o Shaine Turner: gazelle - 16 y/o Jack Fuller: Owl - 53 y/o Locations: Jonestown © @lillyopossum Filed under
Male, Female, finch, Purple finch, Maned Wolf, Wolf, Lupus, bird, Avian, Canine, Pangolin, Main Coon, Feline, Cat, Rabbit, Gazelle, owl, Clean, no sex, No Yiff, macabre, Dark, School, Gothic, goth, New Student, Advanced classes, Introductions, Jonestown, Blackouts, Missing memories, Culture shock, New School

Tank Jaeger
Filling the Void - Chapter Five
#5 of Filling the Void    posted 3 hours ago   
Chapter 5 of Filling the Void - a collaboration with Victus Lupus. Filed under
Varius, Sapiens, lupine, young, No-Yiff, Character Development, Fucking awesome!

The Cuddling Fox
My Immortal
#9 of Musical Muse    posted 7 hours ago   
One of the shortest and saddest stories I have wrote...I am very sorry. Filed under
Otter, Depression, sadness, Rain, Series

The Lead Crown: Ch 4d, En Passant (Pt 1)
#75 of The Lead Crown    posted 8 hours ago   
Well well well... what have we here? Is this a Group D?!?! Oh my-- it does appear so! This little additional series of posts for Chapter 4 is in response to the excellent contributions and comments during our Chapter 3 Intermission. In order to provide more background information about events, and to give readers a glimpse at other plots going on in Lehsunia, Group D is going to update "now and again"... based mostly on contributions, comments, likes, favs, interests, and votes. These will be in addition to the every-other-week posts. Unlike Groups A, B, and C, there are only a select few readers invited to vote on this Group. Due to numerous contributions, high participation, and/or various other qualifiers, the five readers given an option of voting on Ch 4.1D are: Xenin, who will have the tie-breaking vote in the event there is one Ellard KateTheMarten Sanmer and special guest contributor Clockwork Caribou (assuming the invitation is taken). This week's vote is for the four Contributing Readers and guest contributor will determine the result of this fortunate meeting: a) The church scares Evelyn, and she'd rather put more trust into the well-meaning human than a Templar-- she'll part ways with Umberto and leave alongside Sandoval! b) Evelyn would feel safer with another warrior around-- she'll insist that Sandoval comes along with them. c) Sandoval convinces the party to let him tag along... after all, three swords are better than one. d) Despite Umberto's misgivings, he allows Sandoval to tag along-- regardless, the human will NOT be allowed inside the carriage... just to be on the safe side. e) Evelyn prefers the care of what she knows to what she does not, and convinces Umberto to ask Sandoval to leave so she and the Wolverine can continue on alone. There is no due date for votes, but this group WILL update faster with more participation! All readers are encouraged to weigh in with their thoughts, of course! Thanks for reading! Filed under
Wolverine, ermine, Human, Backstory, Plot Development, Humor, danger

Rainy Day Reunion (END, book7)
#20 of TotG #7 - Dawn of Progeny    posted 8 hours ago   
BOOK 8 coming soon!!!!!! But first I'm going to revise and finish the prequel :3 !!yAy!! Filed under
Kitsune, succubus, Superheroes, Supernatural, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Plot Development, Character Development, Story Series, Story Progression, Fox, dialogue, Emotion

Odds At Ends (Chapter19, Book7)
#19 of TotG #7 - Dawn of Progeny    posted 9 hours ago   
So, have you been wondering who Sire's replacement is going to be? Wasn't it obvious at the end of book6? Well, if it wasn't, it'll be obvious now!!!!! THIS IS THE PENULTIMATE CHAPTER OF BOOK 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahem. *nods sagely* One of my readers pointed out something about Nichole that really spoke to me - he's ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Nichole Parker was a DEA agent who went after junkies. And now ... she has become a junkie, herself. All she wants is more powers and his mind is warped. Poor girl. :( BUT... it seems she knows information about how Karla got her powers. It seems Nichole knows a LOT, actually. Hmm. ANYWAY ... make yourself a cup of coffee, tea, cocoa, or whatever. Settle in, and get ready for the last two chapters of book 7! Filed under
Kitsune, succubus, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Supernatural, super villains, Story Series, Story Progression, Character Development, Plot Development, cat fight, Fighting, Action, combat

Mist and Shadow (chapter 2)
posted 9 hours ago   
Chapter two, for all of you who do fancy it. Again, comment and CC are appreciated. I am curious as to what could make it better >. Filed under
sisters, Lesbians, Incest, mist, shadow, School, Fox, Halfbreeds

Black and White Adventures Ch. 02 Accumula-ted in the Square
#2 of Black and White Adventures    posted 9 hours ago   
Chapter 2 is up (again). Again, some changes, added a different beginning to the chapter, all that jazz. Filed under
pokemon, Non-anthro, Human

Rogue Sword - Ch 11: Entrusting a Cat With a Fish
#11 of FOX Academy 7 - Rogue Sword    posted 11 hours ago   
Five go in to rescue the missing agents and put an end to the fisher's plot. How many will come out again? Filed under
Arctic Fox, Vixen, Fox, Wolf, Shrew, Fisher, Action, Assassin, spy, Espionage, Story Series, Marbled Cat

A Failed Duty - Chapter 9
#9 of A Failed Duty    posted 12 hours ago   
The truth is complicated, but a little insanity makes it fun. Filed under
M/M, Gay Relationships, Romance, Anubis, Story Series, Jackal, Canine, No-Yiff, Story Progression, Drama, Falcon, Horus, Set, Humor

Inspire Me
#22 of National Poetry Writing Month    posted 13 hours ago   
Some call it a muse. Some call it that voice in their head that pops up when they get a great idea for something. I just call it my inspiration. Specifically as it applies to my writing and poetry. Filed under
poem, Poetry, writing, muse

Problems of a Distraught Cub - Intro p.7
#7 of Problems of a Distraught Cub    posted 14 hours ago   
Filed under
Male, Gay, homosexual, story, strong language, sexual content, Fox, Husky, Arctic Fox, adoption, swearing, M/solo, M/M, M/M/M, Oral, Anal, First Time, Love, Gay Relationships, Cub, Underage, Age Difference, size difference, Fox/fox, Fox/wolf

Problems of a Distraught Cub - Intro p.6
#6 of Problems of a Distraught Cub    posted 14 hours ago   
Filed under
Male, Gay, homosexual, story, strong language, sexual content, Fox, Husky, Arctic Fox, adoption, swearing, M/solo, M/M, M/M/M, Oral, Anal, First Time, Love, Gay Relationships, Cub, Underage, Age Difference, size difference, Fox/fox, Fox/wolf

Getting To Sleep (Brenly)
#5 of Out of Position    posted 15 hours ago   
This is the bonus story I wrote for selling a thousand "Divisions" last year. It comes after that book, so if you haven't read "Divisions" yet, well, there are spoilers herein. Brenly is Lee's father and this story comes from his point of view. Filed under
Drama, FAMILY, Parents

Josh and Sarah (1)
posted 16 hours ago   
FOR MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY! This is my first story so far. I will be uploading quite a few short stories like this which will revolve around the 'sex' life of a a panther, Sarah, and her Master, Josh. These stories are all made up and are not related to real live events, the only connection they will have is that each character is based off someone of real life. That is it. Sarah is of course based off of me, Josh being based off of my mate/Master, and there will be other characters as well. Enjoy! Filed under
Story Series, Pantheress, Wolf, sexy, Food, Biting, Teasing