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?every year, every month, ever week, every day, every hour, every minute, every second
#1 of poems    posted 1 min ago   
just a poem Filed under
poem, time, life

#17 of National Poetry Writing Month    posted 2 mins ago   
Poem number 17 for National Poetry Month is about... well... my lack of ideas. XD Seriously I wrote this because I couldn't think of anything else. And what happens? I get a great idea halfway through it. Oh well. That will have to wait until tomorrow. Filed under
poem, Poetry

Ocean Depths. Chapter 37.
#39 of Ocean Depths    posted 4 mins ago   
Filed under
Human, Otter, M/M, No-Yiff, slice of life, Short

I am Me
posted 40 mins ago   
I have lived two lives Both real and role play. But what would happen if those two lives met and the character told me how he felt about what I was doing not to him but to myself just to make him have a better life than my own. Filed under
spiritual, Human, Fursona, Crossed realities

Rebelo A Malko
Nosho ai Rebelo a Malko. [ Song of Rebelo and Malko. ] Chapter 2
posted 54 mins ago   
Why Malko was late... Filed under
Gay, Leparos, Military, Assassin, Action

Rebelo A Malko
Nosho ai Rebelo a Malko. [ Song of Rebelo and Malko ] Chapter 1
posted 1 hour ago   
A story I wrote about two little Leparos ( A species I made ): Rebelo and Malko. Filed under
Gay, Romance, Magic, Leparos

Lupus Vette
Fall from under grace (work in progress)
posted 1 hour ago   
I'm still working on this one and I'm uploading this from my phone, but still, hope you enjoy it ^,..,^ Filed under
Wolf, Umbra, Blood Hunters, Human

time and past
posted 2 hours ago   
I can't think of a title Filed under
friend, FAMILY, past

There She Is!! - Paradise
posted 4 hours ago   
A tribute to SamBakZa's animation, "There She Is!!" Filed under
Rabbit, Feline, Romance, M/F

His Shadow - Chapter 2
#2 of His Shadow    posted 5 hours ago   
Filed under
Male, bi, teen, Series, No-Yiff, Highschool, Husky

Silver Teh Coyote
#2 of Furry Fan Interviews!    posted 6 hours ago   
Interview wip Filed under

Chapter XXI: Got A World Of Trouble On My Mind
#21 of Kaeden's Commitment    posted 7 hours ago   
Sorry for the lackluster chapter today - it's a bit short and not much happens, but it's necessary to lead into the next. Part of it too is simply my current limitations as an author - I know I'm a decent writer but I'm no George R. R. Martin :P. To make up for it, though, there's a very long, very fun chapter coming on Saturday :). I couldn't combine it with this one without making something truly Herculean in length compared to all the other chapter divisions. Filed under
Diapers, infantilism, German Shepherd, Arctic Fox, great pyrenees, Story Series, No-Yiff

Mirron Tenshi
Aquata Cove - Chapter 15
posted 7 hours ago   
Filed under
merman, Mermaid, Human, Gay, homoerotic, Fantasy, Snake, Oral, Masturbation

Captured Again
#20 of Rising Downfall    posted 8 hours ago   
This chapter is a little shorter than the last chapter as this one introduces yet another character with some unique abilities. Filed under
Male, Human, Wolf, Thunder, Violence

Belonging: Chapter 16
#16 of Belonging    posted 9 hours ago   
The sixteenth chapter of Belonging. Filed under
Leopard, red fox, fennec fox, Relationships, crying