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Two Wonderful Years
by Perrin Wolfbrother
Hey everyone, As you may know, today it marks two years since me and :iconGritou: started this little thing called relationship. It has been a wonderful time, one of the best of my life, with love and laughter and su...
Fly him to Rome
by Perrin Wol...    1 month ago    
Open for commissions!
by Amethyst M...    5 months ago    
Birthday Week-end!
by Perrin Wol...    11 months ago    
The Parisian Answer
by Perrin Wol...    1 year ago    
Whoring myself for monies
by FluffyPony    3 years ago    
Taking first steps . . .
by BstnCublet    3 years ago    
Selling Yiff! (FurBuy Auction)
by FluffyPony    4 years ago