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It has been done.
by DarkSoulsSauron
I've been meaning to get a Tumblr for a while find me here. i plan to upload portions of my stories before uploading the whole thing here. look at the exerts and give me feed...
IDEAS!! Break the writer's block!!
by DarkSoulsS...    3 weeks ago    
Commissions are OPEN
by DarkSoulsS...    3 months ago    
Music Fairy pt 5 (mega upload)
by DarkSoulsS...    3 months ago    
Ten Commandments
by DarkSoulsS...    5 months ago    
Pokemon tabletop RPG - Now availabl...
by Arcane Ren...    7 months ago    
by Pod155    10 months ago    
I'm back!
by Pod155    1 year ago    
New side story!
by Pod155    2 years ago    
by Pod155    2 years ago    
How should I know? Chapter 18: (Tea...
by Pod155    2 years ago    
I have returned, with gifts!
by Ein Scorpi...    3 years ago    
Busy busy busy busy
by Arcane Ren...    4 years ago    
Cameos/suggestions for part 2 now o...
by Arcane Ren...    4 years ago