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by sisco (#31 of Heat)
A cross wind, a fucking cross wind! Two hundred of Earth's finest dropped out behind enemy lines, best equipment, best intel and best soldiers... all of it undone by a god damn strong crosswind. The 203rd Recon Infantry...
A Rider's Bond: Ash
by Jin    1 month ago    
Twilight Of The Gods (Chapter 1, Ac...
by KitKaramak    2 months ago    
Zero Point: Chapter 18- Going Down ...
by FeuerfoxKA...    5 months ago    
Jason's Nightmare - Part 1
by umbrateneb...    6 months ago    
Negotiation Breakdown - Sci-Fi Summ...
by Kandrel    6 months ago    
Revolution | Chapter XIII: Eye of t...
by Foxes Fyre    7 months ago    
The Eternal Emperor
by Winterimag...    7 months ago    
A Fox, a Dog and a Raven - Chapter ...
by Malakye    7 months ago    
Blood, Sweat, and Diesel: Chapter 1...
by Gold_Night...    8 months ago    
Walls Book 1 - Ch 1 : Decisions
by DiametricF...    8 months ago    
A Hatchling's Day
by Of The Wil...    8 months ago    
Pride Bay. Chapter Two.
by Roofles    8 months ago    
Skyfall Chapter 1
by Abyssa    9 months ago    
Not Exactly as Expected
by Bammer    9 months ago    
The Princess Meets the Angel
by CzarLawren...    11 months ago    
Evolution - Prologue
by CanadianDr...    11 months ago    
The Last Day of Spring
by MeganBryar    11 months ago    
Slave Trade - Nothing Lasts Forever
by comidacomi...    11 months ago    
Zero Point: Second Arc 1
by FeuerfoxKA...    1 year ago    
The Lonely Road
by Aelius    1 year ago    
"Family Tails" - Chapter 1
by AncientWol...    1 year ago    
Zero Point: Prologue- Innocence Los...
by FeuerfoxKA...    1 year ago    
"Family Tails" - Prologue
by AncientWol...    1 year ago    
Summer Nights
by TrianglePa...    1 year ago    
Gortoz 'A Ran - Ch 1 - The way thin...
by MrGimp21    1 year ago    
The River
by LeiLani    1 year ago    
Inhuman | Chapter 02: First Encount...
by Nocturnal ...    1 year ago    
Inhuman | Chapter 01: Escape and Ar...
by Nocturnal ...    1 year ago    
Track and Field: Part 22 - Hey Now
by BuckSaber    1 year ago