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Maxon wrote:
Dragon Ninja wrote:

That's really not very good lol I don't think she is just a bland human with implants and funky ears and fingers like what Bioware was saying in the game, even with their sloppy way of doing it, I always imagined her to be still more humanoid, but abit featureless. Don't know why, I just feel that way abit more about them like that. I like this one alot more. I absolutely hate when people make Tali out to just be a freaking space elf. That's almost more lazy than Bioware, except for Bioware using a damn stock picture lol

Then again, it's really whatever people want to think personally. Like people finding Garrus attractive? Really? You want to get all close and personal with those rough mandibles?

Hate making a super long quote, but I guess you need to know what I am talking about. . .
Anyways, I find the pic you linked to be, imo, not nearly as attractive as the previous one (talking about the overall character design, not quality of the image). To me, the largely featureless pic you linked looks like an anthro owl and a sponge hooked up and that is the result. Like you said though, to each his own, and anyways that pic is still way more creative than the crap Bioware gave us.

And yeah, I gotta agree with you, Garrus does seem like he would be dangerous to get to know on a more. . . "personal" level. Of course, with those mouths, it's entirely possible that things like kissing are completely unnatural among turians. For all we know just wiggling those mandible-thingys at each other is considered just as intimate as the most passionate of kissing is among humans. Anyways, I do like the turian design, just not from a romantic viewpoint. (especially not the women. . . just kinda icky for some reason)



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The previous picture posted makes her look like a space dinosaur or something, it just seems silly lol Though with either picture, I think we can all agree that making Tali a space elf is ridiculous idea lol

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