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A group for dragons and dragon-friendly beings.

You just like dragons, have a spiritual connection to them, or even call yourself otherkin? Then you might fit in as well. This group is pretty open minded and not limited to such topics. Please keep in mind that our forums are clean.

What we kindly ask for, though: No drama, keep it reasonable, respect each other and no yiffing on the forums.

Please use our forum. This is not a group about viewing gallery content.

Art and stories that we deem to not fit the gallery will be removed.

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Chat room reinstated and brainstorming to revive the group 02 Sep 2013

Some members suggested we should have a chat room again. As a result a new general room has been created.
The group has fallen silent for far too long and group deletion is being discussed. You are all invited to participate in discussions whether this ...

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