About our group…

"There is porn of it. No exceptions"

This is a place to post all copywrongs and ruin everyone's childhood.

If you find an artist has uploaded a story or drawing that would fit here, feel free to tag it! There are NO restrictions on explicit subject matter. Anything goes.

REMINDER: While the group is called "Rule 34" the intent of the group is to post copywrongs and characters from our childhood.

To tag it, there needs to at least be a single character involved from some already established franchise. It CAN also include characters of your own invention, along with any other alterations to characters you see fit.

What I'm saying basically is: please don't post pictures of toothbrushes going at it, or anything that has not relation at all to a copywrong. I'm not strict on this. If its somewhat related, tag it!

Have fun!

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