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    Hello user!I'm seeking a digital artist to create a base male and female version from front and back view. Why i'm request a base is so i can put clothing, accessories ect.. designs upon them. I would be posting the line art/base on Sofurr...
    Hi, looking for someone to maybe to do some test drawings of my sona as a femboy. I have all the info but I can't draw >;..;< so if anyone could help me?
    Refer to title ^ I am willing to pay up to $45 for a quality b/w or colored portrait for one of my characters. * Highly prefer experienced artists who have no trouble drawing furry anthro wolves / canines. Please link me some examples of...
0 to 45 US $
    So I'm back with another request. I've got a bunch of pony characters that are still dependent on the Pony Creator images I generated for them. I know it's a long shot asking for pony around here. I can provide reference images for any of ...
0 to 50 US $
    So I have some sketch drawings I need finalized into line arts, even possibly colored. 
    Hi, i'm looking for a good artist who is willing to discuss business when it comes to art. My character Han is somewhat resembled to Khan from Star Trek but I want to give him a newer... alternative look to him. Like a band member from Of ...
50 to 100 US $
    just looking for someone to draw me a basic reference sheet for one of my fursona forms. p.m. me if you can plz
    Hi readers, I am looking for an kind and talented artist to do an NSFW artwork for me as a request. I like to see more gay digimon art, because that series really needs more attention. I have a artwork ref but I do not have a proper ref s...
    So, I just got to thinking, out of all ~20 of my fursons, only have a ref pic of one of them. It would be really cool if I could get a ref pic for each and every one of them. Any sane artist would charge me 300 or so dollars for that, righ...
    I've been wanting to draw out a character sheet for my Charmeleon, but I can't seem to get the body right, so I'm gonna need some help. Nothing too fancy I just want the following: - Full body image facing forward, backward, and sideways ...