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'Tis I, the gentleman creature of the night.

Anyways, about my species. Alps are a mythological creature from Germanic Folklore. I'm a Nyxian Alp, a more sophisticated version. Think of it as a cross between a Vampire, Incubus, and Dullahan. Why is this furry? Cuz it turns out Alps can turn into Canines, Felines, Avians, a snake, or a butterfly. (I found this out after I picked the species)

Anyways, distinguishing features: Awesome hats of invisibility, Tarnkappe, standard for all alps.
Pumpkin head (not a very fun process)
Old European high class clothing.

Though it isn't my real name, most call me Jack, for obvious reasons. So, if anyone wants to chat or has a question about me or the site, feel free to PM me.
species Nyxian Alp
gender male from America
loves Anthro, Anubis, Death Metal likes Celtic, European, Forest hates Spiritual Country, Spiritual Rock, twilight
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Latest Journal posted 18 Feb 2012

that 5 years ago you could have guessed what your life is like right now?

Because mine certainly is a lot different from what I thought. I'm in one of the highest rated, yet cheapest colleges, i have a loving mate who is currently in Disneyland, and in about 5 hours I'll be at a concert for a band having "the best metal guitarist in the world" (several magazines, all taken by polls).

and to top that all off, i'm posting this on a website for the furry fandom.


.......stuff gets weird @_@


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LittleRedPanda 1 month ago
Buahahaha it's a viewah!
KiEruu 3 months ago
WildUprising93 2 years ago
what's your psn? I occasionally play DCUO ^^ and a couple other games, as long as I haven't traded them in for another title :D
carlos_penguin 2 years ago
Thanks for the fav and stars! ^v^
The_DARKWOLF 2 years ago
Thanks for the 5/5 Vote! :)
valereth 2 years ago
Thanks for the 5 star rating
mugman 2 years ago
happy b-day for tommrow or today if your reading this thrusday
theviewer34 2 years ago
29th ^^ gets confusing. But Thanks!
mugman 2 years ago
s'right and have fun!
Thorin_Pheonix 3 years ago
thanks for the fave ;).. <3
theviewer34 3 years ago
You are very welcome Miss Pheonix. : )
R-Complex 3 years ago
Thanks for the warm welcome :D
theviewer34 3 years ago
Tis my duty. ^_^
Mikey Wolf 3 years ago
btw do you know of other pagan furs on here? if you do maybe you can tell them about my group.