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About Shadey Wolfspirit
I am a 17 year old wolf. My eyes are red and so is a little of my fur, My mate loves me so much and i love her the same as she dose. I been threw a lot of things in my life. But my brother has helped me get over things that has bugged me. I love him and dont want to lose my big bro. But i love to hang with the ones close to me and enjoy life as much as i can. I am fun loving and can be a really good friend if im treated right. Well nothing more about me. Remember be has Shadey Wolfspirit. species Black Wolf
gender male
loves Elites, Halo, Lycanthrope likes Charizard, Dragon, Fanart tolerates Athletic, Gym, Highschool hates Abuse, Cheating, City
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Latest Journal posted 21 Apr 2011

Hey everyone i have sad news. but also good. im not on this account much anymore so im putting my storys into my other account im letting you all know so it dosnt look like im copy writing when im putting my storys into other account. thanks and hope t ossee you all on my other accound.

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