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THANK YOU very much to all those who comment, favourite, and watch me on this account.
I do not use SoFurry often, so I very rarely reply. I do read every comment when I do log on, so don't be afraid to leave any XD

If you like what you see, please visit my FA account - I am very active there and I have many more pictures on there.

If you would like to chat, please comment on my FA page or email me.
species Maned Wolf/ Eastern Dragon Hybrid
gender female
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Latest Journal posted 11 May 2011

Hello, small journal to thank all my watchers, commenters, favouriters, and raters! While I do not actively use this website, I always enjoy coming on and seeing new favourites and comments on my artwork! I really do appreciate it.

And please, always remember, I read every single comment I get, even if I don't reply!


Also, if anyone is interested in commissioning me (hint hint) I have all my prices listed on my personal website, along with separate galleries for each genre I draw.

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Again, thank you sincerely to all of my followers. I truly do appreciate it!