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Full Name: Dusky dingo
Artist Type: Traditional Artist
Current mood: naughty
Artist Profile:
Hi there, I am dusky. I am a friendly dingo/husky mix . I am very easy going and I love making new friends . I have a very awful past, but I am hoping people can overlook that, because what is in the past, should be left alone. Those that refuse to let dwell what someone may have done back then can often find themselves in a world full of misery and insecurity. Me? I don't care about the past, I live for today and the future. I do not dwell on whether or not people have the will to change, because of their past mistake. I forgive and move on with my life. If we could all do this . I think this world would be a better place. I think about love very deeply and I am a caring and passionate person even though, some doubt my intentions, because of who i used to be . Anyways, welcome to my little slice of "sofurry heaven" or "hell". I could work both ways.

In the fandom, I am an artist/writer. I do traditional art only so if you want digital you can look in other places cause I don't do it. I write mostly anything really, feel free to note me if you want anything specific.

species dingo/husky mix
gender male
loves Bondage, Canine, Cuffs hates Death, decapitation
120 submissions 86,796 page views 649 comments received 346 comments posted 16,078 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 15 Mar 2014
well, I am in a bit of a bind. I don't get my food stamps till Monday, and we are completely out of food. I was wondering if anyone might be able to spot me and my mate a few bucks. I was gonna go to the food bank today, but they were closed. Any help would be very much appreciated.



KateTheMarten 1 month ago
Thanks for watching! :D
KateTheMarten 1 month ago
Here is your last sketch:

Duskydingo 1 month ago
"thanks. I love it" I will be able to upload yours as soon as my phone is fixed because I don't have a scanner. sorry for the major delay.

DaniMouse 1 month ago
Hello! *squeek* <3
Pynk 1 year ago
Woof woof!
Flite 1 year ago
Thanks for te watch! :)
Gray Muzzle 2 years ago
Thanks for watchin' favin' friendin'
OneHotWolfie 2 years ago
Thanks for the +watch! :)
anthro-fan 2 years ago
Lol 69 pictures uploaded...
Duskydingo 2 years ago
hehe yup
Otlan 3 years ago
Your welcome.
LD50 3 years ago
Hey there. Thanks for the watch *hugs*