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About Leviat

I'm sorta creative, I dont make artwork...

...because that would imply me putting work into it.

Honestly though I've better at abstract, given everytime I try to draw 3 dimensional it ends up

looking terrible. (Yay for linework)


Anywho, I really like capturing the beauty of the world through photography, and physical arts.

(Dancing, Martial Arts, Climbing etc) 


Writing wise I can write, I've got several thousand stories locked up in my head, but

I just can't get it to translate to paper. I'd draw the characters but were at square one



I love eating, sleeping, and curling up in front of my fireplace when I have nothing else

to do.


Otherwise I'm a hardcore gamer. :D


Hm, I like most music in the world, And show me a picture of a cute lil lizard 

or snake and i'll squeel with joy.


That's all pretty much. Well, not really, but have any questions or need any hugs?

Ask away.

species Demon (18)
gender male from Chaska, U.S.
loves 3D, 69, 8-bit likes 70s, Abduction, Abuse tolerates 420, Acid Jazz, Adolescent hates Alternative Spiritual, Anal vore, Androgynous
27 submissions 19,112 page views 220 comments received 213 comments posted 6,278 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
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Latest Journal posted 24 Dec 2011

The bumbling tumbler


the shuffling choffeur


the onyx womb


the silent shot


the crimson butterfly


the victorious grin


Infinite chants


pooled of utterance


Escape dear grin!


Followed by foot


a thousand wails


swallow you whole


the ravishing ravers


the distant dying


a merriad murderer.

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Electronica Test.
by Leviat    3 years ago    
by Leviat    3 years ago    
Spantakourous WIP
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Space Warlock 1 year ago
Hey. Guess who's back.
Demon The Werewolf 1 year ago
Hey there, sorry for the long long reply.. Dont come on here much anymore but if ya wanna hit me up you can do so on FA. Here is my link
BJStarphoenix 2 years ago
(Gleefully throws giant red popsicle at your general direction)

GothBear 2 years ago
Thanx for the watch! <3
BlackwingDragon 2 years ago
Y u No explain shout @ me?! ALso hi
Leviat 2 years ago
Because, Explaining things is for later, as is talking. The time for greetings is now.

BlackwingDragon 2 years ago
Hmm, demon has plans for me eh?WHat kinda plans?>=3
Leviat 2 years ago
Fun ones, well...maybe for me.

Regardless...keep your pants on Dragon. ;]
BlackwingDragon 2 years ago
*snickers* I AM dominant, you know >=3. I get the good deal, and I make sure of that ;-P.
Leviat 2 years ago
And I'm fairly submissive, 'if' you can handle a Demon that is...we get feisty.
BlackwingDragon 2 years ago
Hehehe...the cure for a smat mouth is a nice, fat cock shoved in it >=3
Leviat 2 years ago
Oh is this true? Well you might have to test this Technique in order to procure a fine result...until then, I am in dis-belief.
BJStarphoenix 2 years ago
so what are we doing tonight then brain?
Drakkor 2 years ago
Heyhey, and thank you for ze watching ! };)
Leviat 2 years ago
No problemo. :O
JVanAnKat 2 years ago
Thanks for keeping an eye on me! You are my first! (And you always remember your "first"!!)
vamplust 2 years ago
What? O.o
vamplust 3 years ago
lol i'm not so interesting :-p but thank you I'm glad to hear you like my work ^^