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Hello there, my name is Ein and this is my profile for all of you who seem lost.

I am a very strange and mysterious individual to most people but I can assure you, I am a easy going fur who just loves to be amongst friends and enjoy life.

I am the owner/author of the Celesteon series of chapters if you find them. I apologize now in stating that it is a terminated project.

My two main characters are the two halves of my whole being. Where one describes me the other one seems to be there but distant at the same time.

Ein - German Shepherd/Wolf
~ Friendly and kind
~ Loves to talk to others but can be a bit shy
~ Bit goofy and sometimes likes to show off
~ Generous being, prefers to help and comfort others before himself
~ Laidback but with a definite frisky nature about him

Enigma - Mystic Fox
~ Very quiet and sheltered
~ Prefers the company of others but still at a distance
~ Mysterious personality
~ Prefers to do work alone and loves guns
~ Possess ability to control time through use of his mind, but to a small degree
~ Does possess fetishes and urges, but too shy and timid to bring them forth to anyone.

If any questions or concerns arise that you wish to ask me then feel free to send me a PM here or a note to my account on FurAffinity.

species German Shepherd Dragon
gender male from United States
loves Anatomically Correct, Anthro, Balto likes 69, ACEO, Adult
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Latest Journal posted 03 Oct 2011

First off, yes I am back on here in full swing now. I have already started uploading picture/artworks done for me and some I've done for you all to enjoy. Also, do not fret because this isn't all of them either, I got another big handful left.

Second, I am working on a story series but I do not want to start posting any part of it until I get a few chapters in due to giving you all a good foundation to stand upon when learning about the story. So I ask you all to be patient with that since my writing skills suck xD

Third, from the new wave of art I have submitted recently, I have increaased my number of watchers in a big sense and now have broken 100. I would like to thank you all greatly for the support and feedback you have provided. I will try my best to get more in for you soon.

I will get around to uploading the rest of the artwork later today to give you all more ot look at with the characters. So until then, thank you all for keeping up with me so far and being very pati...


FlameAngelVIII 1 year ago
You're welcome. I read it a couple of years ago and thought about reading it again because hey, I like my classics, plus I missed it.
I watch those who interest me.*circles overhead*
Takum 2 years ago
Thanks for all the faves sheppy! *hugs* ^^
Cenny 2 years ago
Nyx Tiga 2 years ago
I love all the little evees you have on here. They're so CUTE
Ein Scorpio 2 years ago
Hehe thank you ^^
Zelnyair 2 years ago
Oh, Ein Enigma, I get it! It's because ein means 'a', doesn't it?

Shadoweon 3 years ago
Really like all your eevee stuff. ^^
the-blackat 3 years ago
thanks a lot for the fav on "Surfer Vaporeon" ^^
mugman 3 years ago
very cute pictures
AmberWolf 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch on my series :3