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hi. i'm a dog. woof species A very fluffy malamute
gender male from England
loves 69, Anal, Aqua Sex likes Abduction, Bass, Bizarre tolerates Bad Language, Dance, Male Pregnancy hates 8-bit, Acid Jazz, Ambient
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Latest Journal posted 26 Jul 2011

and a bloody good year too!

one year ago, today, i joined sofurry, and this is what i've achieved!

total submissions                          total submission views

          177                                                         38,284 



and i have made many, many friends. and a wonderful mate!

so, my friends, followers, and people i am yet to meet.

here's to another yeah of fun and furryness!

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Abby Redtail 5 months ago
Liekos 7 months ago
hey how are you? i am bored, wanna strike conversation with random people
Applepi 9 months ago
You my dear, need a better bio lol
Caesar the Dog 9 months ago
Oooh I don't have one :3
Applepi 9 months ago
well then make one. lol
lucia zaphara 1 year ago
sorry about yesterday i thought i logged off but i guess i didnt hope to talk to you today
RioSpark 1 year ago
*sips tea*
Dork <3
Mikey Wolf 1 year ago
HEY! How have you been? long time no see.
Mr.Frostpaw 2 years ago
:3 You're a witty person, I like witty people
Yubs 2 years ago
Thanks for the chat tonight. Was nice having a normal conversation. Look forward to more, especially when my pc is back up. *winks*
Of The Wilds 2 years ago
AARRPP! ::Yelps, crumples, curls up and rolls around, groaning and squeaking:: URRFF! Hehe, not too bad!