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About patachu

i'm a cartoonist and graphic designer from france better known as darkdoomer. this isn't my main gallery, just been trying this site and post some stuffs. you can find my stuff on deviantart and inkbunny (or eventually, furaffinity).

i'm actually available for commissions, because due to my current financial situation i cannot accept requests anymore, so if you have a project, want me to draw something just for you; feel free to contact me to have a quote or estimation for your project via email/msn : or on aim: darkdoomer. avoid using the internal notes system because i don't read/reply to them. of course, your privacy and confidentiality about the transaction will remain private.


nowhere incoming

species Mokvwap

loves Anthro, Bunny, Chocolate tolerates French Language hates Alternative, Authority, Dance
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Lupine Assassin 1 year ago
Thanks. :)
Forgyx Fox 2 years ago
Yep ^_^ i sure am hehe
wolf13 2 years ago
ill take my free comision now xD
Duo Theus 2 years ago
~slaps the furs butt~ Everyone gets at least one
patachu 2 years ago
...excuse me sir, do i know you? and what are those manners ?
Spear 3 years ago
patachu 3 years ago
Spear 3 years ago
Tolerates: French Language
Hates: German Language

I laughed.