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Basic stuff about my Fursona:

Name: Xavier Pendragon
Age: 23
Born: July 29, 2010
Gender: Male
Species: Bear
Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 250 pounds
Build: Chubby with some muscle
Fur Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Green
Penis Shape: Human
Penis Color: Pink
Penis Size: 5" Long, 4" Diameter
Balls Size: Walnut
Origin: American
Weapon(s): Claws, Fangs, Sorcery, shapeshifting
Blood Type: A+
Favorite food(s): Pizza, Spaghetti, ham, Cheese burgers,
Favorite desert: Chocolate Cake with Buttercream icing
Power(s): Natural, elemental
Personality: Helpful, Shy, Nice, Patient, Caring, When pissed can be completely heartless
Likes: Playing games, Reading, Romance, Hugging, Cuddling, Roleplaying, using magic/sorcery.
Dislikes: Being disrespected, Anger, Unneeded Violence, Overly emotional, Bigotry, drunks, heavy smokers, people who don't understand no means NO.


I suck at drawing, see for yourself:

All the rest of the art in my gallery is not mine artwork, just gifts & free art I've won or asked for that theĀ artists were nice enough to do for me.

species Brown Bear Sorcerer
gender male from USA
loves Afghan hound, Akita, Animated likes 69, Abra, African tolerates Amnesia, Bizarre, Crossdressing hates Abuse, Anal vore, BDSM
153 submissions 32,025 page views 376 comments received 3,110 comments posted 26,963 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Digimon Males

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