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Hey there!

I post pictures of my dog Hank a lot, and write stories sometimes, but mostly Hank.  He's my boy.

I'm an Alaskan girl.  My family has lived here for a long long time.  I love my mountains, the northern lights, hunting, fishing, farming, hiking, the snow and wind, the endless summer sun, and even the deep winter darkness. Some people can't understand that, but I love my life.


Lilly Wolfsbane is the character I go by mostly.  She is a white Great Pyrenees female. White fur and Hazel eyes.  Long loopy tail has longer hair on it than her body, and she has a double set of dew claws on her foot paws. Her skin is black under the white fur, showing on her gums, nose and paw pads, and around her eyes. 5'9" 160lbs  Busty and strong of body and personality.  Super friendly and easygoing, but she can have quite the mouth, speaking her mind loud and clear when she wants.  Stubborn to the max, no one can make her do anything she doesn't want to do.  Slightly nocternal by nature, and incredibly protective over her friends.  Tends to wear a lot of t-shirts from threadless and is obsessed with bones. (not that kind, pervs!) She collects bone jewelry, carvings and skulls, and decorates her garden with random bones she finds out in the woods.  Her Mom thinks it's creepy.

species Canine - Great Pyrenees
gender female from Way up North
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Latest Journal posted 24 Jun 2013

I have been away for a bit of course my friends here already know this. :)  Lots of things have happened and one of these days I will get motivated and post pictures of my trip to Spain and the Netherlands.  But the latest greatest new is- I have sheep!!  Four lovely shetland cross ewes. They are sweet and wonderful and Hank loves them as much as I do. But of course it comes with a draw back.  My sister's akita mix dog "Bo", who is a well known cat killer and will chase down and grab anything he can... Lives right next door.  Hank has proven that he will protect the sheep, mostly, the problem is that Hank was raised as a pet, not a guard dog.  He's too social.  I'm afraid that if Bo gets loose my sheep are dead. We tested him on the leash and his reaction was disturbingly predatory. He snapped and growled at the sheep and became very very excited about them and was not reacting to being corrected.  If he gets loose he WILL try to get at my sheep.  And all my sister can say is "Well, Bo was here fi...

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Of The Wilds 2 months ago
::Wavies:: Hello! Haven't seen ya around lately. Hope you've been well!
sheerclaw 7 months ago
Thankyou so much for writing. I love the pictures!

more? (of both)
Lillywolfsbane 7 months ago
Thank you for the feedback! :D Yes I hope to continue posting pictures and writing. I'm glad you like them!
Silvermane77 10 months ago
Thanks for the watch! :)
ArcticWolf451 1 year ago
I take it you enjoyed my journal. ^^
JA Red Wolf 1 year ago
Well I'll be...a fellow AK-49er! *waves* I was begining to wonder if there were other Alaskan furs here on SF! :P

I'm located in Kenai, little tourist trap called Seward. Where's you be?
Lillywolfsbane 1 year ago
You sound like you're used to talking to tourists. :P
I'm from Palmer. My family goes way back in the valley. :)
JA Red Wolf 1 year ago
Please note I empathized "Tourist Trap!" UCK!

Palmer ah? Nice town! I really love the farm friendly land it's got! My land is all marsh swamp, have to greenhouse our garden.
Kikirini 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch! :D
SunshineSweets 1 year ago
Thank you for the watch. <3
Triad Fox 1 year ago
Hey, I don't think I ever got around to thank you for the favs and comment and all.

So, over a year later, thanks! I appreciate it! :3
Lillywolfsbane 1 year ago
No Problem! I love your stuff!
VenLightChaser 1 year ago
Eyh, thanks a lot for the watch!
Kain11 1 year ago
Thanks for everything. :D