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Quitting this site. Nyaa~
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Keurin 1 year ago
New account, here.
Muric 2 years ago
Hey Keurin It Muric i'm not sure if you remember me but i remember you were one of my first friends on this site when i join and i feel bad that i have been gone and to come and see that left us here and i want to say I'll miss you and hope everything goes okay for you ^.=.^ your old friend at least i hope i still am Muric
Nicthalur 2 years ago
It's been far too long since I checked SF, and I come back to see you gone! Could I possibly get your FA info so I can watch you there? I'm on FA as Nicthalon, if you want to check and make sure I'm legit and not a stalker/troll first.
TobeArcadeus 2 years ago
When I saw you were quitting SF...
*starts bawling*
Whoever it is will pay.
KeurinNerim 2 years ago
I appreciate your concern sweetie, people like you are the only reason I've left my email connected to this account so I can see if they post on my page.

Do you have a FurAffinity account?
Kandi_Specopsfox 2 years ago
i dont really know you, but i saw you're leaving sofurry because of somebody, all i have to say is im sorry. you are a far better person than they are by just leaving instead of bothering to fight back. good luck friend.
KeurinNerim 2 years ago
Thanks, and you're right, he isn't worth fighting for as a friend, or something more no matter how much he keeps coming back to me begging that he'll change when he won't.

I appreciate the thought and the farewell. Kindness like that is the only reason I haven't put up some fake email so I won't be notified when someone posts on my page.
Red-Crossed 3 years ago
Thanks for the fav and the vote! ^^ It's appreciated <3
KeurinNerim 3 years ago
You're welcome, keep up the great work :3
invisibleBear 3 years ago
Thanks for the fave & rating ^_^
KeurinNerim 3 years ago
You're welcome :D
Thanehusky 3 years ago
thanks for the watch ;)
KeurinNerim 3 years ago
You're welcome, and thank you too :3
Thanehusky 3 years ago
np hun :x
Kyuuketsukii 3 years ago
Thank you for the vote and fave <3

--Kyuu :)
KeurinNerim 3 years ago
You're very welcome :D
Kyuuketsukii 3 years ago
Thanks for the vote and fave on 'Cancer'!

Also, I just noticed I'm in your 3 'Most Awesome' Thank you!

KeurinNerim 3 years ago
You're welcome, and yeah you are :D