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I have recently started drawing anthro art, but have been drawing all my life (my crayon-on-wall masterpeices were amazing to behold!). I have always identified with animals, and grew up on a farm. I have a fursona! I am a marten: cute and cuddly, but also will bite if you tick me off.

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This is my mate's fursona:

Here is his profile: avatar?user=211431&character=0&clevel=0 Tsar

I may take commissions in the future, so if you like my work, keep your eyes open :)

species Marten
gender female
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Latest Journal posted 23 Apr 2014

My faithful automobile of the last six years has finally kicked the bucket.

It is toast, completely and utterly scrap.  The entire engine block is crapped out and there is no hope to salvage anything from it.  

Once these little putt-putt-mobiles go, they're gone for  good.

I really wish it had lasted a couple more moths so we could have finished paying off the truck before getting a new vehicle, but I think we can work around having one vehicle for the month until the wedding.  The we'll use whatever gift money we might get to speed up the process and get a down payment together.  A new car was in the plans anyways, but not this soon.

So, anyways, why am I telling you this?  Because my car didn't die at home...  So I am living at my grandparent's house in a different city for this week until we can get me back home again.

This means that my art/story/commenting schedule is going to be random at best for a while.  Sorry. :(

On the upside, new car!  I'm looking f...

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by KateTheMar...    1 year ago    


I feel like a nitwit for not paying attention. All the same, congratulations on thine wedding, my dear.
Tiyu 2 days ago
Congratulations! Congratulations!
CopperRabbit 2 days ago
I'm back at home, I can draw and scan in your Pronghorn Deer drawing. Details?
KateTheMarten 2 days ago
Hi, I'll be able to give you more details when I get home from my bachelorette party tomorrow afternoon.
Thanks! :D
deerdigger 6 days ago
wondeeful! wish you both tons of happiness.
deerdigger 6 days ago
oh ok. thank you and congradulations on your bridal shower...this might be a dumb question, but are you marrying your mate?
KateTheMarten 6 days ago
Yep, been together over nine years! :D
Finally tying the knot, lol.
Chosmyx 6 days ago
I have your trade completely sketched, the main question is, is our trade a colored trade, ink trade or just a sketch trade. x3
KateTheMarten 6 days ago
I do only traditional, so if I would prefer to go to line work. My pencil crayons are not that great.
Chosmyx 6 days ago
^^, Its alright, I that means I will have yours done by tonight or tomorrow. ^^
KateTheMarten 6 days ago
Ok, I have not had much of a chance to work on my half yet. Probably won't be done until after this weekend. I have my bridal shower on Saturday. :)
Chosmyx 6 days ago
Oh my! Yay! Congrats! ^^'
KateTheMarten 6 days ago
I am still working on your half, probably be finished after this weekend as my bridal shower is on saturday
ArcRose_BA 1 week ago

Sorry it took a bit of time, not that active here.
Tiyu 1 week ago
Kate dono! A minor edit!
Tiyu 1 week ago
Another edit!
Tiyu 1 week ago
AGGLES! Kate dono, voila!
I hope it is very much to your liking- sorry for the wait!