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Wherever you are wherever you go, I follow silently and you will never know. species Nothingness
gender male
loves Easy Listening, Experimental, Film Score 878 submissions 200,130 page views 1,206 comments received 391 comments posted 15,911 profile views
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Joshua Gearspring 1 month ago
Stop being so awesome dammit! Consider this shout-out a favorite on all your submissions, because dear lord it would take me a bunch of time to fav each and every pic xD
RWG 1 month ago
beautiful, beautiful work congrats
der Ozelot 1 month ago
Hey there! Just wanted to say that you're an amazing artist, man, not many people dare to leave the mold behind and try new things art-wsie.

I love how your artwork is... risky and a bit crazy too. Figurative art is not appreciated as much as it should, I think. Anyway, got yourself a new fan.

My best wishes.
Ashkore_the_angel 1 month ago
Thanks for the Watch Doc!
Ashkore_the_angel 1 month ago
Hey Doc,
I followed you here from FA
kittenchaser 1 year ago
Ever thought of turning your art into shirts? cause there awesome ^^
Zenuel 1 year ago
Oh hello my sweet, I seem to have wandered on to your page, whatever shall I do? *Paws happily at your tail*
i superubnub 2 years ago
I have a question. Do you make the image or the poem first? Also, your work is awsome.
call_me_doc 2 years ago
Thank ye kindly for your curiosity <: )

I actually begin with the poetry then work alongside it with the art. Thank you <3
Soul Eater 2 years ago
Hello I would like to be friends love your profile look at mine
Crasta 2 years ago
You know, so much of your stuff would look AWESOME on t-shirts. I'm just sayyyin. ^^