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loves 3D, 70s, 8-bit likes Anime, Bad Language, Biker Mice tolerates Chibi, College, Dance hates Beast Wars, Brothel, Cheating
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Latest Journal posted 29 Feb 2012

Yes, as you read, sketches for 15 $.

There are days that is better not wake up and be sleeping all the day. Sometimes the problems come at the same time, and we have (my boyfriend and me) to do few payments at the same time the next two weeks. We have a little bussiness of digital signage for live day by day (htt://, it isn´t big enough to give us a salary and the recession in Spain is growing (and more in a city of province where the population is less than 800.000 inhabitants and usually buy products of Madrid or Barcelona).

We need at least 3.350 $ US DOLLARS or 2.500 € EUROPEAN EUROS, for the next two weeks and we´re also selling everything we can to reach that quantity. In this case putting my skills at your service.

If you want to buy something related with Mitzakan, there are a Facebook shop in

If you are a lego fan or know somebody is my lego shop is


Nova 4 months ago
Gracias Amigo.
goofbear23 1 year ago
Gracias Galen. Por aceptar mi Friend Request. :3 *BIG BEARHUGS*
goofbear23 1 year ago
Gold Horn 2 years ago
cool gallery!i fave all
TigerZero 2 years ago
All hansom artwork. Also looking forward to the English version of the Mitzakan web site.
Galen Dhaelos 2 years ago
Thank you! Please patience! ^^
Shirochi Snowpaw 2 years ago
yay I've been looking for that comic again because it's so hot
Galen Dhaelos 2 years ago
You can find it in my FA account ^^
starwars1616 2 years ago
why is your very great comic gone?
Galen Dhaelos 2 years ago
hi! because SoFurry is not discreet in the search engines and shows all...
starwars1616 2 years ago
Where can I find it then?
Galen Dhaelos 2 years ago
in FurAffinity or Yaoi Y!Gallery
MarsW 3 years ago
THankies for watching! ^^
20drew20 3 years ago
hey where is your comic
Galen Dhaelos 2 years ago
hi! because SoFurry is not discreet in the search engines and shows all...
I enjoyed your comic. You have a nice art style.