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Your votes and favorites are always thanked! Can't keep up with all the notifications and posting thank you shouts these days! Thank you watchers and new comers! :D


Feel Like Pronking! Only Springbok pronk, not Gembsok...damn it ._.

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Latest Journal posted 06 Dec 2013

That's right, a new Tablet Pen is now in my hands once again. A new Pen Grip for me to continue my art with. I will love it and snuggle it and....urm, sorry. PLUS, The added bonus that now Christmas Break is on once again, and I can draw with no worry of homework!


Smexy, out!


Stolz 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the fave dude!
Zombi_Rat 1 month ago
Thanks so much for the fave and the vote my lovely <3
Smexy Oryx 1 month ago
Zoophs 2 months ago
Thanks for the vote and the fave!
hattonslayden 2 months ago
thank you for the faving and votes
Celestial-Being 3 months ago
You are most welcome. :)
KateTheMarten 3 months ago
Would you ever want to do an art trade? I feel like you could really do great things with my pronghorn character. :)
Smexy Oryx 3 months ago
I don't do art trades, but commissions I can sometimes fit in. :>
KateTheMarten 3 months ago
Hmm, I don't really have any money in the budget for commissions. :)
Smexy Oryx 3 months ago
I can do for free. You just have to let me take my sweat time on drawing it. Especially since school is starting back up for me and time will be, tight.
KateTheMarten 3 months ago
Well only if it is something you'd like to draw. I would also feel bad if I didn't give you something too, I can draw you a pile of sexy gemsbok girls? ;)
Smexy Oryx 3 months ago
If id like to draw it? I love all the antelopes of the world. A P
Pronhorn is fiiine with me. A pile of sexy gemsbok girls, sounds like a plan to me xD
KateTheMarten 3 months ago
Great! I have a couple other things I have to draw first, then I'll get right on finding a good ref ;)
Smexy Oryx 3 months ago
Okay then! Hey send me a picture of your pronhorn!
KateTheMarten 3 months ago
Here are is the folder with all his pictures in it: https://www.sofurry.com/browse/folder/art?by=103638&folder=32636
Smexy Oryx 3 months ago
Oh okay thank you. So from the looks of it, he's just a typical pronhorn. Nothing crazy added?
Drafty 5 months ago
You're welcome Oryx, *Hugs back* and thanks for faving too!
Duo Theus 6 months ago
~slaps the males butt~ No worries mate. Tis a totally awesome image
Smexy Oryx 6 months ago
.///. hehe
Duo Theus 6 months ago
No worries, tis a friendly gesture
Smexy Oryx 6 months ago
Haha, I know. Still :> teehee
Duo Theus 6 months ago
Well that is good. Keep up the good work
drycos 6 months ago
thanks for the fav
maelva 7 months ago
Thanks for the faves and votes! I dig your characterizations, very nice!
Smexy Oryx 6 months ago
You're very welcome. And thank you!