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About Jerbie

I'm a fuzzy dragon and I have a thing for bellies, specifically the egg filled ones. Thusly behold! My entire gallery is crammed with pictures of them.

I mainly post on FA,if you want to get a hold of me, that is the place to go! But my stuff can be found here too and I check So Furry at least weekly, enjoy! 

species Fuzzy Dragon
gender male
loves Cum, Ejaculation, M/F likes Bondage, Impregnation, size difference tolerates Mild Spanking, Vore (soft) hates Underage
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Latest Artwork

Samuel Triago 2 months ago
Thanks so much for the fav! Means a lot to me!
Reileo 2 years ago
I absolutely love your art! I like pregnancy, cum inflation, and feral dragons, so your art is just perfect for me! ^.=.^ Keep up the good work~!
Arcane Reno 2 years ago
You haz pregnant draggies. :0 I like!
Tavom 3 years ago
are you gonna do more art soon? the pics you have up are so good.
Jerbie 3 years ago
Most of my art can be found on FA, but yes I'll be posting my newer stuff soon enough, and thank you! ^^