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About SynthNine

SynthNine was born in the cities where he shortly after moved to the country side. He spent most of his life in the country keeping only a few close friends at hand. SynthNine was raised as a good home grown Christian boy and he went to church every chance he could. He loved the Lord with everything rightly him.

Later SynthNine joined the military as an Infantryman. He served his country well quickly climbing in rank until a fateful incident ripped the soldier from his body. He became injured and was discharged from the military under medical conditions.

His life began to crumble into pieces. The love of his life drove him to slitting his throat. He died that night but the next morning he awoke field bandaged as though an angel saved him. He was admitted to a hospital where he was held for a week and then released to his family.

Only for a short while he lived with his family. He found a job made some money and moved out. He found some people who at first were filled with kindness. Unfortunately they turned on him and tried pushing him into death once again. They attacked his job, his possessions were destroyed, they infiltrated many aspects of his life.

They nearly killed him but he found help. He plans to rebuild independently and spread his wings. It is time, for his success.


Hi I am SynthNine,

That is just a brief overview of my history and I hope that what you read inspires you in some way. Now I am not bitter or vengeful because of all that has happened. In fact it all makes me want to help people more and spread joy to those around me.

Unfortunately I have forgotten how to love so I fear I will die alone, but if I make a large impact on at least one person's life I know I will die happy.

I love to do plenty of crazy stuff. Playing video games is one of my favorite things to do. I haven't played video games for years but I picked it up again pretty quickly. At one time I owned the top seat of the StarCraft leaderboard simply known as Kain. I moved into Halo years later and in the unofficial Halo: Custom Edition tournaments I would place very high. I hope to bring my skill back regardless of my physical problems and possibly become a Major League Gamer.

Drawing is another one of my favorite things. Though I am not very good at it yet I really strive towards producing a graphic novel and have a hard copy in my hands. I would tell the concept but there is a lot of talent on this website and I'm not too fond of giving away this idea. I know I sound like one of those people who never make it but hey I'm not trying to make it big.

Music is a major part of my life. I produce, play, dance, and sing (poorly). I prefer to play on the keyboard and guitar in combination with a kaoss pad. I dance many different club styles but mostly Melbourn Shuffle. And I love all kinds of music as long as it can touch my heart in some way.

I'm also into sports. I love shooting. I was an expert marksman in the Army and being out now I really want to keep it up. I shoot targets, play paintball and airsoft. I also love to go hunting. The world moves slower when you pull that trigger. It excites me.

That's enough about me now though. To read my fursonas bio you must click to view the adult bio.


species Canidae - Vulpini
gender male from United States
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