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Architect-in-training and frustrated aviator looking for a place to draw items of an anthropomorphic nature. Mostly military themes here. Not much in the way of porn, so deal with it. species Human architect/Ursine inventor
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 15 Apr 2011

Well, it took me all of half a year to consider putting my stuff here. And I guess it's paying off well. Thank you for the people who've shown support to my work. I hope I can continue delivering to the best of my abilities, and who knows? Imight open commissions here too.

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Des Revell - A brief biography
by contrail09    3 years ago    

Rawcaw 1 year ago
Your artwork is brilliant, fantastic technical detail but also a distinct painting style. The watercolour look goes really well with the dark ink lines. It gives your pieces a wonderful sense of depth and texture. Your pencil work and shading are really great too. Are these hand drawn or digital?
Spudz 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch mate. Golden Fox directed me to your art, which I must say is top notch. Keep up the good work!
fighterjet 3 years ago
contrail09 3 years ago