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Just a musician and a gamer, hoping to combine the two eventually. I mostly enjoy rpg and adventure games, though I'm usually willing to try out other things as they come up. Other than that I mostly just keep to myself, but I rarely bite, so feel free to inquire about more.

species Dragon
gender hermaphrodite from portland, Oregon, U.S.
loves Adventure, Alien, Alternate Society likes Adult, Albino, Anaconda tolerates Amnesia, Anime/manga, Armageddon hates Abuse, Alcohol, Alternative
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Hollow Prince
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Latest Journal posted 01 Apr 2014

Money toward the new processor is gone. Got dicked out of what I had planned to save by my own family,so back at square one. Lucky I got the new OS before they fucked me over on that too, damn thieves. Not an April Fool's joke either, I'm officially starting to hate them, and if they keep this up I'm actually considering taking my ssi with me, tired of being led on only to have something I want to be pushed further back by some damned weeds.

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Ray Cottonfang 4 months ago
Thank you for the favorite, my pet. *Nuzzles*
ZorroRE 1 year ago
Thanks a lot for the Watch *^_^*
Arogard 1 year ago
no problem :)
Jardenon 1 year ago
You are up on the list in my profile. It is a long wait. be patient.
Arogard 1 year ago
i will, thanks ^.=.^
Ray Cottonfang 1 year ago
Murrrr... Thank you for the fav, Aro. (3
Arogard 1 year ago
np :P
Ray Cottonfang 1 year ago
Thank you for the fav and vote, Aro! (3

I'm glad you liked your long awaited pic. X3
Arogard 1 year ago
np :P
Ray Cottonfang 1 year ago
And again thank you, my lurvly pet. (3
Arogard 1 year ago
hehe your welcome master
Gunzooka 2 years ago
I like supporting other furry

I have my eye on you
MeowzersRawrTiger 2 years ago
What Spyro game is your avatar from? Its funny cause I felt like playing Spyro 2 & 3 again :3
Arogard 2 years ago
It from the most recent one; Dawn of the Dragon. and I love spyro, i have every game except from gba ones from ps1 to DotD ^.=.^
MeowzersRawrTiger 2 years ago
PSX with spyro 2 and 3 .iso :P you jelly?
Arogard 2 years ago
hehehe i dun have an emulator, i actually have a ps1 XP
MeowzersRawrTiger 2 years ago
So do I but I only have Final Fantasy 7 and 8. I DID have Spyro 1, 2, and 3 but I lost them :'c
Arogard 2 years ago
i know that one, i'm started to download the ps1 games onto my psp so i dun have to worry about the discs ^.=.^; as for final fantasy i have 8,9,10,10-2, 11, 12, 13, and 14 :P
MeowzersRawrTiger 2 years ago
Nanaki is beast :D
Arogard 2 years ago
hehehe as for which of the final fantasies is my favorite i'd have to say 12, the gameplay is more enjoyable to me :)
SMWolf 2 years ago
Thank you for the Watch!
Arogard 2 years ago
no problem :)
Swordsdragon 2 years ago
You have one of the most impressive variety of furry/scaly stories.
sami 3 years ago
You might enjoy today's story. The main character is a native american dragon.
Arogard 3 years ago
aye it was... tantalizing to say the least ^.-
Airthai_s Messenger 3 years ago
thanks for rating =)
Arogard 3 years ago
np it deserved it ^.-