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About Aooni

My name is Jake and I've been on this site for a long time. I did some writing before getting annoyed with the quality and deleting it all.

Now I'm back from a year of lurking to start posting content and actually interacting with people again.

I plan on doing commissions when my Paypal situation gets sorted out but for now they are on hold.

If you enjoy my writing and want me to make something for you, Go ahead and message me though. I'll put you on the list and let you know when I'm ready to do comissions again.

species Side Striped Jackal
gender male from US
loves 8-bit, Anime, Arctic Wolf likes Anubis, Audio Book, Bolt tolerates Other/Herm, herm/solo hates Anal vore, Cheating, Cock Transformation
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The Cat and the Twins
by Aooni    5 months ago    

Latest Journal posted 16 Sep 2013

I'm back! I never really left but I just haven't been posting or talking to anyone. But now with a few new story ideas in hand and a new name for myself, I have returned.

I don't have commissions ready quite yet but my next story should go up in the next few days if everything goes well.

Anyway, Thanks to the ones who are still following me after all this time. You guys are awesome and hopefully, we can have more years of greatness together!


catsithx 4 months ago
Thanks for the wach
BobbyTigre 4 months ago
thanks for da watch!
Atlas86 1 year ago
Thank you for watching and supporting me for the past 3 years, and I hope we'll have many fun, sex-filled years in the future.
Ben. 1 year ago
Heya, thanks for the vote!
Pannonfur 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch and stuff!
weird dragon 2 years ago
thanks for the watch
Thrillseeker 2 years ago
Erm..... I'm curious. What game is your avatar from?

(Forgive me if I sound like a dumbass. ><")
Raventhan Vaeltaya 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch ^.=.^
KSapphire8989 2 years ago
Thanks so much for voting and watching darling. ^^
TheMishMash 2 years ago
Ghoti says, "Thanks for the watch and the vote"