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About FoxyNekoCat

Hey I'm Neko aka Nicole,
I'm 20 years old and spent my last few years studying animal management. I enjoy a range of activities including photography, writing and hanging around with friends. My more unusual activities include cross stitching, acting and reenacting :)
Hmm, If you want to know anything else drop me a message :) I don't bite...Too much XD


-My Fur Characters-


Species: Snow Leopard

Colour: White with chocolate rosette spots

Attitude: Helpful, eager



Species: Red Fox
Colour: Red with white and black band around tail
Attitude: Sharp and powerful. Vengeful


Species: White Siberian Tiger
Colour: White with black stripes bordered in grey
Attitude: Cautious and quiet, inquisitive


Species: Timber x Arctic Wolf
Colour: Pure white with blue eyes
Attitude: Sarcastic, alpha female


species Fox Cat
gender female
loves Anthro, Anubis, Arctic Fox likes Afghan hound, Akita, Bobcat
33 submissions 18,232 page views 188 comments received 80 comments posted 7,868 profile views
groups   Exotic Tigers
  The Lion King

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Latest Journal posted 09 Mar 2012

For all those who are roleplaying with me and who are quite happy to wait for my post I am most obliged. I'm glad most of you can understand that some people get ill and have their down days but I always pick up right where I left off.


For those who have an issue fuck off. Do not message me again or I will block you.



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Wounded Knee 10 months ago
Hey, just asking but, do you rp?
AlphaStreetWolf 1 year ago
look forward to seeing u agian
Hraefn 1 year ago
Passed by a gothy looking victorian clothing store here in the city and could not help but think of a certain curvaceous little vixen with smoldering eyes. As thoughts doth wander wistfully, of you I ponder blissfully. ;-)
AlphaStreetWolf 1 year ago
wow u cute lol
FoxyNekoCat 1 year ago
Thank you icon_redface.gif
Miles Renard 1 year ago
Nice to see you again~
FoxyNekoCat 1 year ago
And you darlin', don't be a stranger :)
Aritheon 1 year ago
You disappeared. Nice talking to you anyways.
James Blackwell 2 years ago
Nicole! It's been a while we should talk more :)
trcfan 2 years ago
Hey there, thanks for the ever classy watchback
Angel LeFey 2 years ago
Hello, nice artwork :3
FoxyNekoCat 2 years ago
Thank you, I'm glad you like it :)
Angel LeFey 2 years ago
No problem, I just hope my art can be just as good as yours.
FoxyNekoCat 2 years ago
I bet yours is better :) Im more of a writer than an artist
Angel LeFey 2 years ago
Have you seen my Art? It sucks compared to yours....
JosePaw 2 years ago
Aloha, thank you for the watch! <3