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Just your average Norwegian philosophy majoring 27-year old semi-asexual gay arctic fox babyfur. I dabble with music and write poetry on and off. Feel free to give me a pounce if you want to chat.

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Latest Journal posted 29 Aug 2013

I thought I had already done a list like this, but looking over my journals here, it seems I haven't! So here we are, a list of some of my favourite babyfur stories, with some rough descriptions to try to explain what they're about or why they are good.

A Good Neighbor by Andlat
Hunter, a 15-year old lion, is sent on an errand by his mother to deliver back a jar of jam. Physical and mental age regression, some reality alteration, and "sissification". Short and sweet, and I love the way the regression is handled, and the final paragraph.

Spike by Fieval
Spike the wolf makes an attempt to befriend fellow high school student Justin the husky, who's suspiciously anxious and shy. Turns out Justin might not be as big as he lets on, but Spike doesn't mind. In fact, he indulges and encourages him. Too bad there aren't more people like that.

Jesse by Fieval
Jesse the lion pulls a prank on his younger brother, and as a result gets punished by his mother by being forcef...

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Asa fox 1 year ago
Semi-asexual? I can't say that I've heard that one before :3