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Ello folks, my goodness it's been awhile since I've done an update! I'm 22 now (YAY!!) and live in the great grand state of Utah, yes the Mormon capital, still.... I now have my associates degree in Gen. Ed. and I have just recently decided to get my Bachelors degree in Asian Studies. (Yay! I finally know what I'm doing!) I also run my own business! I sell dried herbal goods for aromatherapy (smudge bundles, lavender/lemon verbena sachets and more! even some Chinese calligraphy artwork) I also sell hand wrapped crystal necklaces! I'm gay and currently taken, just livin' the dream I guess...

But anyway, I play piano (have composed several songs, three with lyrics), do Chinese calligraphy, draw (mostly anime characters, animals and landscape, I haven't tried to draw anything "naughty"), and lots more. =) I am the Author to a story series: The Road Of Life, my first attempt at writing a furry story which has been amazingly successful and come to an end, now I'm working on my new project: The Nature Of Life, a post-apocalyptic world story, and Dreams of Grandeur, a new short story series involving mine and Wolfie Steel's fursona, meeting him as a famous actor, sadly D.O.G. has been cancelled, my apologies to fans of the short series!

I speak both a little Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. Other than owning my own business, I am self employed, I sell wire wrapped jewelry, wire trees, aromatherapy goods, and do tarot readings.

Here is a link to my business website! http://heartstonegardens.com/

A little bit of info about my Fursona:

Name: Reks S. (Syph) Hatake

Age: 22

Race: Ravenox / Faven (A mixture of a Fox and a Raven)

Orientation: Gay

Relationship Status: Alone.. By choice...

Appearance Description: Reks has green eyes, and black tribal tattoos on his arms and black dyed fur tribal patterns on his facial area. He stands about 5'9" with a slim body build. Reks can often be found wearing a pair of long jeans with a few tears or holes in them, and a tight fitting t-shirt. Occasionally Reks wears glasses, but for the most part wears contacts. He has brown head fur with blue, blonde and green highlights. Reks inherited one of the best traits from his Father which were wings, really it was about the only trait he inherited from his father. His wings come from his back by his shoulder blades, almost where, if you imagine, an angels wings would be placed.

Personality: Reks is a very kind-hearted fur with the ambition to succeed and do well in life. Although he is extremely shy he can really connect with others and is great at listening to what they have to say. Reks always wishes the best for people and does his best to help others where he can. Reks is very artistic and in the times of his seclusion he often takes to drawing, playing the piano, doing calligraphy, wire wrapping necklaces or some other form of art. In the bed Reks is submissive to his partner and has the desire to do nothing but please them. He doesn't take bed partners lightly as he feels it's something special to be shared between two people who really care for each other. Granted he is a submissive fur, he is not one who will allow others to take advantage of him, he will defend himself if need be and does know a fair amount of martial arts. He is very easy to hurt, definitely a very gentle creature, some things that may seem easy to shrug off or so common can sometimes greatly effect him and send him into a depression of sorts. He has trust issues and if he feels his trust has been betrayed he becomes aggressive and reclusive. Concerning matters of the heart, if he feels betrayed he is likely to cut all ties from the person of his mistrust and wont even think to give them a shot at redeeming themselves. With Reks you truly only get one shot, and if you mess up he'll make you forever regret it.

Bio: Reks was born to a Raven and a Fox, his father deriving from the realm of the Sky and his mother the realm of the Earth. Reks was abandoned as a cub and grew up on the streets, his birth family had been murdered when he was little but he never really knew the truth. A family of wolves that happened to pass him one day took him in and raised him as their own. As he grew older he fell into a shyness that very few have ever been able to break entirely. The family he grew up in was wealthy enough that he was able to pursue artistic things like drawing and piano, spending a solid 13 years playing. He does anything and almost everything artistic. Reks has always been searching for love throughout his life but has yet to find it. The scars of his previous relationships have left him very wary of others and their intentions. He feels that he is cursed to roam the world alone without any hope of finding the one special guy for him. At the age of seventeen he left home to live life on his own, barely making ends meet. He hopes desperately to this day that someone will sweep him off his feet and make him happy though he does not believe it will ever happen. He is a bit renowned as a writer online and often writes works of fiction based off his life experiences in the hopes that others will learn from his mistakes or learn from his successes. He's known for the longest time that he likes guys and accepts himself completely for who he is. He has a very strong will to learn and an even stronger will to teach.

species Ravenox/Faven (mix of a Raven and a Fox)
gender male from South Jordan, Utah, USA
loves Anthro, Asian, Classic Contemporary likes Anime, Celtic, Character Development tolerates African, Latin, Metal hates Gospel, New School, Old School
55 submissions 34,171 page views 513 comments received 444 comments posted 4,511 profile views
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Hey everyone! I've been gone way too long, I know! But, I'm back! Aaaand I'm working on some new stuff! for Now I'm setting aside Nature of Life until I feel inspired to work on it again, so my new project is going to be The Pathways Of Life, this is a story series about Shane and some of the other less known or written about characters from the Road of Life Series. I really miss the series and wanted to have more about Shane.. so I've decided to write a series mostly from his perspective. I would like some ideas  if anyone has any to offer! Or if there's any Questions from the ROL Series that you want answered in this new series please let me know! Oh I'm so excited to be writing again! Well, back to the writing board! (Drawing board, get it? It's writing board instead... My jokes are bad, I know XP) 

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Xepsurah 6 months ago
Arr rawr rawr. :3
ralley 9 months ago
That's an impressive resume for someone so young o.o Found you on FurFling. Just saying Hi ^.^
Reks Syph Hatake 9 months ago
Hai! =D hurray, someone actually bothered to look me up here! Wooot! I'm not a paid member on Furfling, I end up getting so many messages there and I can't reply to them ever. T-T wait, I'm young? o.0? XD There's probably like a million other things I could add to my resume of stuff.. XP
TynoSurf 1 year ago
I don't know this setup very well yet so I think I accidentally deleted your shout...I'm sorry. I'm used to FA so much more >w>;
Again, Sorry...
Reks Syph Hatake 1 year ago
Hehe! No worries! ^^
TynoSurf 1 year ago
Hello there! Thanks for being my very first watch even though I have nothing to show! *hugs tight* I'll have something up soon! Thanks for the support!
Reks Syph Hatake 1 year ago
No problem! welcome to the So Furry community! ~hugs back~ ^^ Looking forward to seeing your stuff! =D
Wilfred Steel 1 year ago
Reks, please, say you're still with us
Wolfie Steel 1 year ago
Hey babe, just making sure you are still with us.
Reks Syph Hatake 1 year ago
~nuzzles~ I'm still around hon, just been crazy busy lately.
Wolfie Steel 1 year ago
Nods, I know how that can be hon.
Reks Syph Hatake 1 year ago
~nuzzles~ I miss you hon.
Wolfie Steel 1 year ago
I miss you too babe *Nuzzles back*
geneseepaws 1 year ago
Thanks for the befriending.
Reks Syph Hatake 1 year ago
^^ any time Gen!
Wounded Knee 1 year ago
Hey, join my group, will you? http://www.sofurry.com/groups/view?id=3273
Reks Syph Hatake 1 year ago
Sure thing, sorry it took me so long to reply, been busy this week with Halloween preparations and work. =)
Wounded Knee 1 year ago
Eh, it's okay.
TimberwolfKapu 2 years ago
Ofcourse, i would
TimberwolfKapu 2 years ago
Oh, Mahalo for watching my profile thing before i posted anything at all