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About graveur
Fursona: Graveur the Tiger
Age: 21
Hair: Normal Tiger coloration but thick short tuft of dark brown hair between the ears.
Eyes: Gold-Green
Weight: 225 lbs
Build: Gymnast
Talent/Occupation: Artist - mixed media: sculpting, painting, drawing, digital; Author; personal trainer, athlete.
Endowment: 14 Inches
Position: Versatile ("Seke")
Fetish: Bondage, Groups, quasi-forced, Paws, Interspecies but Dog/Wolves/Foxes a plus.
An athletic and artistic Tiger named Graveur (French for "Engraver") who loves to express himself through sculpting, writing, painting, drawing, and digital art. It helps him to relax and channel his stress of having to survive in the jungle of the city life.
He is charismatic and charming, but sometimes can be distant if he is in one of his moods. But a good petting and some nuzzling and he's ready to warm up.
He does have a secret urban night life of extreme sex scenes and often can be found prowling with other tigers as well as his wolven friends from out of town and a street-wise fox who he keeps around for the benefits.
Feel free to say hello, or check out my artwork and stories that I post from time to time.
species Tiger
gender male
loves 69, 70s, 8-bit likes 3D, 420, Abduction tolerates ACEO, ASB, Alcohol hates Abra, Amnesia, Amy Rose
35 submissions 29,246 page views 129 comments received 322 comments posted 16,346 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Exotic Tigers

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Latest Journal posted 06 Sep 2010

Here is an updated list of forthcoming work:



Expect some more autobiographical scenes as well as possible scenes involving your characters too if you would like. I will also be showcasing some commissions for others soon! 

"Quest for Hoo-Mans":Going to be doing a limited manga/comic style series with some old/new characters. For time sake may be monochrome but nonetheless good. I might even sneak some Yiff here and there.
What to Expect: Feline, Canine, Equine definitely. Depending I may have Amphibian, Reptile, and Human too. 
Genre: Modern with Fantasy RPG elements

Sculpture-I will be posting images of my Furry Sculpture work soon as well. Just got to get some things ready and painted. 



I will be fleshing out future chapters for "Teetering on a Fence" as well as three other short story series unrelated. My closest friends and fans: If you would like your character to make a cameo message me and ...


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