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my name is Rai inuzuma,nickname shynjy, i have two fursona, one is my main fursona named Rai Inuzuma and the other is my artist name, Shynjy, which i mande into Rai's brother. i am interested in drawing mostly hybrid creaturs or animals, and some human stuff. i like playin video games such as pokemon =3 and such. 
species lynkx dragon
gender male
loves Domination/Submission, Musk, pubes 83 submissions 37,174 page views 245 comments received 83 comments posted 3,842 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 24 Dec 2011

Kato Kalin Yamamoto 2 years ago
:D <3
thecherretawaits 2 years ago
Hey there! Really digging your gallery! S'pecially your piece "jubi-kyou". Methinks I'ma sneak you onto my watch-list! :P
Aquasian 2 years ago
Love your art! You mentioned "another charecter in my story, jubi kyou is just the name of the bloodline." You planning on putting up a story or something :)
shynjy 2 years ago
lol yeah, i already have a story made up lol, for a few years now, lol just dont have it posted anywhere yet x3
Twistedlogic 2 years ago
Your art is amazing!
GladiatorW07f 2 years ago
found you
shynjy 2 years ago
lmao yesh you have x3