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About Roseabella

Roseabella Hart is a one of a kind female. She was born a snow white vixkitty with purple butterfly markings. Her hair a brunette color with red highlights and neon blue tips to clash with her dark brown eyes, clothing consisting of a slutty black and red strapless dress and a lab coat. Her snake bite lip piercing showing off perfectly when she spoke, under her dress resting a matching black and purple bra and thong that made her body stand out greatly. Though this girl may dress like your normal fantasy scientist, she is anything but normal. When the girl wishes, she can change her form. When she changes there are two forms for her to switch too.

Her favorite form personally, would have to be her female otter. The otter form is an albino otter with piercing blue eyes, her purple tattoos and hair style being the only markings to tell the girl apart from other people. Otter usually wears a strapless black and purple checkered bathing suit with a matching wrapping skirt around her waist loosely. She does wear jewelry in this form, mostly just a ruby belly button ring and a single lip piercing.

Her other form only happens when she is severely stressed and under a tremendous amount of pressure. This form is a human form. Once again the hair and tattoo's mark who she is for new goers to find her, her brown eyes and pale white skin clash and make her almost invisible to her lab coat. Usually this form is never seen out side of her lab within the DHC clan house. Human form is usually running around in her lab coat and matching strapless black lace bra and thong, never having time to put on some actual clothing as she usually runs around to finish her work. The work taking more of a importance in her life then having to go and fetch clothing.

When the girl is not switching between forms, she is hidden in a select few places. Usually her home being her lab as she is always working on chemical balances and personalized potions to push science even further into the future. Usually making large batches of automatic healer for ones who need it most in their well being. Her life revolving around her work and her social life.

She does not really carry a social life, her contact with outsiders minimizing to a select few furs. There are a few furry friends of her own that do get to know Rose on a selective level of people. The list goes as follows; Xander Matrix, Greoz GreyScale, Frost Bite, Zion_Ortella, Zyern, Spirit Silverwing, Riku Silverfang, WolfSorrow, Harrar SwiftFang, Nightmare_Dragon, Deathwolf214, Charles_pathfinder, and Johnny Reb.
~Likes: Cuddles, attention, luffs, dragons, males, felines, canine, fruit, flowers, teasing people.

~Dislikes: Drama, liars, god mods, one liners.

~She is whisper friendly, though she is blunt. If she does not feel the mood to rp or speak to you, she WILL tell you.

Notice: Roseabella has been here for eight plus years, the girl prides herself on keeping the peace in her room The Colosseum. She will not put up with bullshit hate remarks or someone being rude to others in this room. Other rooms she does not care about, but considering the fact that she was the first female to take the role of Princess of The Colosseum, she is not one to put up with someone effecting the balance of the room. Beware, she is known to be the biggest bitch known when she is angry. Best to be on the good side of this girl.

species Kitten/Fox hybrid ((See Profile))
gender female
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James Garcia 2 weeks ago
Welcome to the collective, please enjoy your visit.
Roseabella 1 week ago
Da bear! x3
James Garcia 1 week ago
That I am.