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Name: Sean
Age: 26
Species :Half-Feral Quad Dragon

Emerald Green Scales, Silver Chest Plates.
Green Wing Membranes
Two white horns
Claws Black
Fore-paws have opposable thumbs allowing objects to be manipulated, just like hands
Eyes Slitted Green

Size: 34ft long and 9'7" height

species 32ft Long Quad Dragon
gender male from Stirling, Scotland
loves Dragon, Transformation, Were-dragon likes Dinosaur, hydra hates Transgender
9 submissions 6,960 page views 16 comments received 13 comments posted 1,474 profile views
groups   Scalies of SoFurry

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Latest Journal posted 19 Aug 2013
Well as the title clearly says, I'm in Australia on vaction. And i'm loving every minute of it
Its been ages since my last story but fret not...I've been working my way back into story writing....Well its a collab between myself and a friend over on DA.

Expect lots of Transformations, Expect Lots of Violance, Expect world destruction....This new upcoming story will be a series based on an RP we've been having. Prolouge should be along within the week, chapter 1 not far behind it.

In the meantime....Take care everyone

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Atlas86 1 year ago
Thank you for watching and supporting me for the past 3 years, and I hope we'll have many fun, sex-filled years in the future.
joshuabassett 1 year ago
you know if you need help with ideas i can pitch a few for you, if you want to.
Iscin 1 year ago
Thank you for watching :)
Bucksbhoy 1 year ago
No problem...I enjoyed your weredragon story...hope to see more if you plan to continue the story.
eragon13666 2 years ago
Oh really? well welcome to Sofurry then lol and thanks for watch!
Bucksbhoy 2 years ago
heh, nae worries
eragon13666 2 years ago
Didnt know you had a thing here buckboyo!
Bucksbhoy 2 years ago
I just joined