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Bien le bonjour amis francophones!
Une petite intro en français, ça m'évitera peut-être que des français me parlent en anglais. ^_^
Si vous avez des questions ou envie de causer, faites!

Et maintenant, on retourne à l'anglais:

Hi everybody!

I introduce myself: I'm a french guy, borned 23 years ago (what an introduction! ^^). So I'm Finrod.

It's nice to know you're watching this page, don't hesitate to post comments and to let me know what you think.

*Welcomes you*
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RioNightshade62450 2 months ago
Great i look forward to it. ;)
RioNightshade62450 2 months ago
No problem, I enjoyed what i saw on your page. ;) Hope to se more in the near future cutie!~ ;)
Krauti 2 months ago
bon soir joli dragon <3
SonnyJFox 11 months ago
You're welcome! :3
SlyWolfe 1 year ago
Thanks for being my friend, friend! ^-^
Finrod 1 year ago
No problem ^^
Gareth Gryphonclaw 1 year ago
Aw, vous et votre amour c'etes bellement!

You're a really caring guy, though do you have anything you've written in French? Or do you just do drawing?
Finrod 1 year ago
Anything written in French? Like what? I used to write poems, but that was years ago... For now I'm more drawing than anything else.
Gareth Gryphonclaw 1 year ago
Poetry? Well, since you're focused on drawing now, keep that going. You've gotten really good at it.
Finrod 1 year ago
Thank you. :-)
Xavior Firestar 1 year ago
You're Welcome! ^^
Raghan 1 year ago
Thank you very much for your watch! :D
TealDeer 1 year ago
Thank you for the kind words. :)
Rega256 1 year ago
most welcome ^_^