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About Kokusho
The title "Superadmin" next to my name means I'm the head chat mod. This way you don't need to try and start a conversation with asking me some silly question :P


This be the Kok Dragon in all his orangey goodness. He's seven feet tall and around 325 pounds. Everything else can be seen in the pic above :D

This is here to prove that lizards are indeed the cutest little buggers ever.


Also the tickle monster is out to get you. Attackoftheticklemonster_zps807eeb7a.gif Oh yeah, have a F-List.

April Fool's, freaks of nature!
# [01:16:23](>) Kokusho has banned rhilowood from the chat for 10000 years. Reason: AHHH! After 10,000 years you'll be free. TIME TO CONQUER EARTH!

# [01:19:59](>) Kokusho has banned BurrDubbz from the chat for 5 minutes. Reason: My little honey bun, sugar plum, scrumdi-umdi-umpkin. You're my sweety pie. You're my cuppy cake, gumdrop snookum, snookum snore. The apple of my EYE! :D

# [02:26:10](>) Kokusho has banned Sythe from the chat for 1 minute. Reason: OBJECTION! Elmo DOES know where you live!
species Orange scaled Swagger Dragger
gender male
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Underscore B 2 months ago
The tickle lizard gif kills me.
Hilary Locke 8 months ago
Fargy 9 months ago
Back on top <3
Toumal 10 months ago
Kokusho 10 months ago
huskydingo 9 months ago
purple :3
litemint 1 year ago
LaurieBloo 1 year ago
Hello mister tooth fairy! x3 I didn't know you were o3o
Jacob King 1 year ago
The original swagger dragger. I can now die happy.
RedWhiteFeather 2 years ago
Jinxy 2 years ago
<3 Boob dragon!
Kokusho 2 years ago
Supplier of boobs! <3
Karlus Norem 2 years ago
Cute and silly post!

You are like coffee. I can't go a day without you <3