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About Fiad Dinenanu

Hi there! How are you? Good? That's good.

Well anyway, enough of making me seem any weirder than I actually am by talking to imaginary people.

I've been around since the Yiffstar days, but just recently decided to make an account. Because as of August 2010, I am actually allowed to be here and look at the good stuff! Not that that ever stopped me before though... I guess I could have made an account when it switched over to SF, but bah, Semantics

About me. Hmmmm.... What is there to say? I enjoy writing, most of it is crap, though people say it is alright. Guess that is the bane of every person in existence with low self esteem, it seems everything you do to yourself is terrible. I just went on a tangent didn't I? Where was I? Oh Right! Writing, I do a bit of it. Might get around to posting sometime. I do a bit of voice acting work, nothing professional, just as a hobby and a way to waste time. I sing, you will never hear it, I guarantee you of that. I am terrible outside of a choir setting. I can't draw, that is another thing you will never see. Hmmm, what else? Ah yes, actually about me as a person, not what I do, but who I am. I am in college going for an Education degree with a focus on English. Was a Computer Science major before, but swapped it out. I live in Lincoln Nebraska. The place with all the corn, no the other place. No no the one to the left of that. Ya that one. I was in my school's choir, we were pretty damn good if I say so myself.

My so called "fursona" is that of the sneaky thief, the stalker of the night, the raider of trash cans(Hey, don't knock it till you've tried it.), the masked crusader, the one who instills fear into those who are unfortunate enough to lay eyes on it. I am the Batman! Wait no, that isn't right. I'm a Racoon. Ya that's it.

If you need to know anything else about me, you are a stalker. I will leave cookies for you under the bushes left of my house in case you get hungry. But actually, just send me a message or shout and chances are I will talk to you. I am a friendly guy.

Character Desc

Gender: Male
Eyes color: blue
Fur/scale colors: Normal fur pattern, except alternating rings on his tail are a semi-dark green.

More in depth appearance.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 115
Type of Body: Slim
Hair Color: Brown and shoulder length, tied back most of the time.
Eye Color: Blue
Jawline: Chin is more round then pointed
Waist: Not much wider then the rest of his body is.
Tail: Long, fluffy, every odd numbered ring around it is dyed a shade of green starting at the tip with a black ring.
Most common clothing: Button down short sleeve shirts, which he leaves open, somewhat tight jeans, and black shoes. Often seen wearing a black Fedora with a button in it showing the peace sign.

And any art done by some of the amazing people around SF, go check them out.






species Raccoon
gender male from Lincoln, US
loves Anal, Raccoon, Rimming likes BDSM, Bukkake, Cum
38 submissions 13,230 page views 45 comments received 420 comments posted 5,944 profile views
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