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Latest Journal posted 28 Aug 2013

I've gotta stand up for my kinfolk. I keep hearing bogus arguments for the California ferret law, and they sound more outrageously stupid every time I hear them.

Quote: Ferrets are not native to this region. They are not native to any region, period, because they are domesticated animals, you imbeciles! There is not a single place on Earth that what we know as domesticated ferrets exist in the wild. They are theoretically capable of hybridizing with their wild cousins, but usually this happens by human intervention. It is significantly more likely for a housecat to hybridize with a bobcat, which does, although extremely rarely, happen.

Quote: If some were to get loose it would disrupt native rodent and rabbit populations. Also, because ferrets traditionally spend much of their time in cages and are seldom allowed to run loose, if we were to replace very housecat with a ferret, in American households, the burden on the country's wildlife would be significantly les...

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Dread_Wolf 1 month ago
You make a lot of interesting and well thought out points and I often find myself agreeing with them. Mind you I'm no intellectual, just a average blue collar guy with an open mind and a thirst for knowledge, regardless I know a good argument when I see one.

Keep up the good work.
Peter Parring 1 month ago
Thanks man for standing up for me. I've never had anyone actually see where I'm coming from online, and rarely in school. Most people seem to be more like Draug, or too afraid of discrimination to stand up against the Draugs of the world who control the education system and government. You also make effective and calm points that aren't really in my nature to make. It's funny that Draug is accusing me of racism when he is in fact discriminating against me for very irrational reasons. I think I read that he was Christian before, and I was considering making parallels there since he makes a lot of the critical thinking errors, logical fallacies, and flat out lying to demonize the enemy that is quite typical of his type. His type seems unconcerned with truth, so long as he can tell himself that he's noble at the end of the day.
Christiaan Ferret 1 month ago
Well, in that case, you might enjoy a post I recently put on the "sexuality" forum:

Note where I start discussing the "gifted" individuals in our society. Mind you, I'm not gifted at all: I'm just a dumb ferret, remember. I am owned and intend to stay that way. Anyway...

Isn't it strange and almost tragic that it's actually easier to find people who have intellectual integrity in a community that revolves around childish furry fantasy? This goes back to my discussion with you on neoteny.

*stretches sinuously and waggles his ears at you* Here's looking at you, reptile brother.
Peter Parring 1 month ago
Let me just adjust my content filter for that...

I feel that the more honest ones drag along the dishonest ones kicking and screaming even though it's for their own good. Well I'm tired of taking care of morons who don't appreciate it. Don't want to believe in evolution? Fine, but then say goodbye to antibiotics and anything else dependent on modern biology being accurate. You want to believe that radiometric dating doesn't work? Fine, but say goodbye to fire alarms and any other technology dependent on that science working. I think this would be a truly equal society where people are held fully accountable to their bullshit and allowed to succeed or fail in a very natural and fair way.

Also, when you say that the furry community has a relatively high level of intellectual integrity, it makes me wonder just how bad your experience in general with people has been, because I find this community to be still severely below par in honesty and accountability. Still a huge step forward from the Mormon and otherkin communities I've been in. Literally those places were filled with people asserting that faith is valid proof, and that personal knowledge (which they made up) is equal to real knowledge. Believers in general seem to follow the fame apologist line of reasoning, which is to replace facts with assertions, claim that the other side has no valid grounds to support itself on either, and then proceed to say whatever the hell they want to. I really would like to see such behavior end with people being put on trial to determine if they're knowingly fraudulent and criminal, or insane and needing some serious mental and emotional help.
Christiaan Ferret 1 month ago
*quirks an ear comically*

It gets Christians amusingly confused if you delightedly geek-out on their own religion.

Yes, furries are the best of the best. I am not exaggerating. You can go among almost any other group of people...eventually, you will find that the people in any other community are TWICE AS FUCKING STUPID.

I have tried hanging out in gay-oriented communities. Even outside the forums, I met people who had annoying "new age" beliefs that had no basis in reality whatsoever, and I was declared to be a toothless Republican with a third-grad education, et al., etc. for not tearing my clothes off and immediately becoming a "true believer."

I made the mistake of trying overtly intellectual communities. I ran into people who thought that anyone who disagreed with vegetarianism suffered from a grievous lack of education on the true evils of meat-consumption, and they took it upon themselves to "educate" all the illiterate savages out there who had not heard the Holy Gospel of Vegan Truth (which is based on the most obnoxious pseudoscience of all)

In the same
"pro-scientific" communities, I ran into people who had sympathy for the "Palestinians," which I think that you may have encountered a few times. If you haven't, then you will...



...I swear to you that I tried explaining to one person, "look, you have to consider the unique history behind this section of land and this other section of land, and the legal entaglements are such that you could really argue either way on them, depending on which government you consider to have really had legitimacy at the time," and so on.

I was declared to be an incredibly ignorant westerner who must believe that all Muslims are evil terrorists. Mind you, this was in a community that billed itself outwardly as pro-science.

I have been on other supposedly forward-looking sites where I was declared to be a "racist" because I would do things like using the word "Asiatic" while discussing an important and relevant piece of literature that was written in the 19th Century that actually used the word in all seriousness and without prejudice.

An innocuous anachronism resulting from my willingness to take a deeper, more detailed look at an issue, and I was declared "ignorant."

Yes...furries may not be perfect, and I acknowledge that. However, I swear to you that it is all but impossible to find people who will understand you anywhere else, and even then you will be confronted with a minority.

Two MUCKs have presented themselves with brands of people whom I find tolerable. One of them is Tapestries, which takes the same attitude as you do: they say outright, "WE RAPE CHILDREN, AND WE LIKE IT! HEIL SATAN!"

I am sure you have heard of Tapestries MUCK, but look them up if you haven't. Avoid Merriam's, which is the only venue there, period, that I have truly found to harbor worthless scum.

You would like the Sunclub, on TapestriesMUCK, which has incredibly laid-back reptilian inhabitants...and they are obscenely educated.

Then...there is SpinDizzy, which is a small, harmless MUCK where you would eventually find a nice, little, blue fox named Azure who would probably understand you better than most people.

And avoid FurryMUCK, which is a horrible drama-hole. In fact, FurryMUCK is probably the source of most negative furry stereotypes.

Maybe you might find a venue that is less ridden with complete assholes than the fur-fandom while also offering a decent amount of stimulation, but SoFurry is the third arm of the "triangle" of furry communities that I have found to not leave me with an urge to vomit...

...and non-furry communities tend to leave me with an urge to commit mass murder.

I truly sympathize with your sense of having difficulty finding people who can understand you. I was at one point getting permanently banned from SEVEN FORUMS ANNUALLY.
Peter Parring 1 month ago
I've never heard of a MUCK before. My first impressions are that they are roleplaying sites, which really wouldn't interest me. I've roleplayed for friends before, but it's never been something I've liked to do or had any interest in. I'll keep looking into it.
Christiaan Ferret 1 month ago
Oh, you can roleplay if you want to, but most of the talk at Shimering Sunclub on Tapestries? I have actually seen two people have sophisticated philosophical conversations. They were obviously young and starting with some naive notions, but they were discussing the matters in such a serious manner, with such genuine intent to get at the truth, that I would have felt like a crass asshole to jump in and start pointing out things to them. They were going about their conversation so calmly and impartially, I knew that, somehow, they would eventually come closer to the truth than I ever could, even though they were still eliminating fallacies that I had dispatched decades ago.

Yeah, if you want to, you can do a lot of roleplay on Tapestries, but I actually spent two years doing nothing but just talking to people I had found on there, never once moving from my digs, and they understood me. It was hard to find time to roleplay anymore because of it.

The thing that makes Tapestries a good place is that people like Draug run from those places screaming their lungs out in holy terror. It is beautiful how they make it work. It is like the ultimate asshole-repellant.
Peter Parring 1 month ago
"people like Draug run from those places screaming their lungs out in holy terror"

Aaaand you sold me. That's all you needed to say man. They keep their yard clean.
Christiaan Ferret 1 month ago

Okay, but one important thing to keep in mind about MUCKs is the one other deterrent virtually need a Ph.D. to get into the damn things. It's...another of those "keeping the yard clean" things, I think.
Peter Parring 1 month ago
yeah, this place is seeming a bit too much like an elitist group rather than an open forum. I've been on elitist forums where the people basically just brag about what science journal they read, or how much better they are than so and so because of some popular notion they cling to, and they act like a clique that bullies anyone who doesn't play the hipster social ladder game. It isn't like that is it?
Christiaan Ferret 1 month ago
Ehhhhh, no. The way that MUCKs work is that you really have to put some care and creativity into getting into the MUCK and setting up your character. That's the first barrier because most assholes just don't want to deal with it.

Other than that, the proportion of chat to roleplay is similar to that in SoFurry's chatrooms, only you get a higher frequency of random weirdos wanting to start whisper-fuck sessions with you.

Really, the only place on the Web that is anything remotely like Tapestries is Sofurry, only I find that people like Draug are a little more likely to run into something, on Tapestries, that makes them run screaming in holy terror.

Because...basically, people like Draug to go running the instant someone roleplays to them, "I turn into puddle of tentacle goo with vagina-mouths and stick my goo-tentacle up your bum, hahaha."

If you can stand the tentacle-goo types, among other creepy weirdos, they ARE incredibly effective as scarecrows.
Peter Parring 1 month ago
See, I just don't think I have anything in common with anything that place is about. I mean, not having Draugs is nice, but that doesn't really matter to me if I don't have anything in common with that community anyways. I'm hardly a furry, I'm not interested in roleplaying, and I have zero interest in sexual discussion. I find all of those things very difficult to relate to because they aren't me. So I don't really want to sign up to another community to just be there and not really be a part of it is my concern. I don't want to third wheel you know?
Christiaan Ferret 1 month ago
Oh, that's fine. In that case, SpinDizzy might also be out because, although there is virtually zero sexual discussion (due to casual tradition, not uptight taboo), SpinDizzy is a thousand times more roleplaying intensive than Tapestries.

Really, I understand where you are coming from on not being as interested in sexual discussion. Like I said, I spent years not even going to the public places on Tapestries because, really, all I wanted to do was talk to people on there that I knew who were not dicks. I had a "watch for" list of about 5 people, two of whom at a time I was talking to with any frequency.
Peter Parring 1 month ago
Yeah. I don't know people there, and it would be difficult for me to break into it since I have nowhere to start. Also, Draug is being ridiculous. Why haven't the mods come down on him yet? His behavior is far from acceptable to anyone who values honesty.
Rufciu 1 month ago
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