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Desiccated scholar, irrational poet, drinker of black coffee.

species Ferret
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 28 Aug 2013

I've gotta stand up for my kinfolk. I keep hearing bogus arguments for the California ferret law, and they sound more outrageously stupid every time I hear them.

Quote: Ferrets are not native to this region. They are not native to any region, period, because they are domesticated animals, you imbeciles! There is not a single place on Earth that what we know as domesticated ferrets exist in the wild. They are theoretically capable of hybridizing with their wild cousins, but usually this happens by human intervention. It is significantly more likely for a housecat to hybridize with a bobcat, which does, although extremely rarely, happen.

Quote: If some were to get loose it would disrupt native rodent and rabbit populations. Also, because ferrets traditionally spend much of their time in cages and are seldom allowed to run loose, if we were to replace very housecat with a ferret, in American households, the burden on the country's wildlife would be significantly les...

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