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About Cronicdragon

Name: Cronic
Species: Feral Dragon
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Bi (high female pref)
Relationship: Not looking
Scale Colour: White
Hair/Mane Colour: Blue
Eye colour: Golden yellow
Just a rookie writer looking for some friends and to write a few stories. Simple as can be!

species Feral Dragon
gender male
23 submissions 40,610 page views 340 comments received 160 comments posted 10,931 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Dragon Males
  American Dragon: Jake Lon...

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Rednut 1 week ago
Thanks for the watch! ^ ^ *dances*
Torin_Otter 2 months ago
I thought that name looked familiar! Love your Spyro stuff! Thanks for the fave on my Rule 34 smut!
Cronicdragon 2 months ago
Awrrr, that's sweet! <3 Thank you! I certainly enjoyed your story as well and look forward to what you'll produce in the future ;3 You've got a lot of quality.
pinkcat 6 months ago
Thanks a bunch for the watch. ^^
SADesian 6 months ago
Thanks for the Fave. Your a sweetheart.
SagaDC 8 months ago
Hey, thanks for the watch!
ShadowFire the dragon 9 months ago
No one ever writes a dragon taboo story I would read that
ShadowFire the dragon 9 months ago
I love your Spyro sex stories the are the best
Cronicdragon 9 months ago
Awrrr, thank you~ <3 I appreciate that~
faulty_pitch 10 months ago
Thanks for the fav X3
oscuridad666 1 year ago
Thanks a ton for watching me. Very apreciated.
wolftwins17 1 year ago
i really like your storys , tho i wish there was some of cynder and all the guradians in it , oh and im new here so , would you get angry at me if i asked if you could comment on my submissions ? :)
Cronicdragon 1 year ago
Thank you ^.=.^ A few people want to see Cynder but i admit that i feel she's overused somewhat x3 I'll certainly do my best to read your submissions and comment on some :3
wolftwins17 1 year ago
wow . thank you so mutch ! :D