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About Blazey Wavey
I guess I should re-write this and update it; I'm Blaze, but I still go by Neon for the people that already do call me that. I've been in the fandom for nearly three years, and I've met a lot of wonderful people. I'm a part time writer and a part time disc jockey. I really love to write and most of the time you'll see my work being posted on here.

I'm a crazy little husky that's extremely submissive, so I do prefer dominant partners. I'm also up for meeting new friends also, so hit me with a PM. I also have a list of instant messaging on my profile. I can be quiet fun to have around and be a really good friend to have.

Don't worry, I don't bite that hard ;)
species Husky
gender male
loves Canine, Coming Out, Story Series likes M/M, Vampire tolerates Bisexual
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Latest Journal posted 06 Oct 2011

It's been a while now, when I first joined the fandom, approximately three years ago, and up until about a year ago. I was great, I had lots of furry friends but now it seems I have none. I know what happened but now I'd like to restart again, not overload on a bunch of friends I really don't know. Because now, I lack even in real life friends as well, I've just done a lot of moving and a lot of personal dilemma's so I lost contact with most of my friends. Even now after moving back to my hometown I only see a few of my friends. Anyway, just to say...I'd like to talk and be more or less active in making friends with furries again because I tend to get lonely every now and then and I'd like to get to know some people so I can be more active rather than doing nothing now a days.


Hopefully this reaches out to some of you and I get to know some people. I miss all that, inside jokes and what not. LOL. I feel like a loser. I hope this doesn't get seen upon as something to be taken as pitif...

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Thankies for the fav! ^^
laserslutboy 2 years ago
hello there subby, are you a femboy?
Thrillseeker 2 years ago
Thank you kindly for the watch.
Meister Fuchs 2 years ago
thx for watch :3
Blazey Wavey 2 years ago
I love your work!
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Thx Fur Watch!
Blazey Wavey 2 years ago
No problem! I love your work. :3