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Mated with avatar?user=114946&character=0&clevel=0 Joducus

I am a furry artist.
I am female.
I am happily mated.
I do not like critique.
I do not role play.

I love when people repost my art I've done for them.

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species Wolf
gender female
loves Abra, Adult, Adventure likes 70s, 80s, Alternative tolerates Aphrodisiac, Bathroom, Blues hates Alcohol, Alternative Spiritual, Anal vore
480 submissions 160,898 page views 621 comments received 56 comments posted 31,736 profile views
groups   Tigers
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Latest Journal posted 01 Feb 2014

The info and website were posted today!

I was worried the dates would be the same as Otakon but they are the weekend after so I can do both. Already working on a dealers table to make it into my fourth year. I actually really like their themes this year.

Now to business, will have everything open for preorders til the day. Art, hats, tails, and crafts.

Special offer for beast badges. Your character in its primal predatory state. (Will have an example later.)

Digital, colored, online image only. $10

Digital, colored, backed in card stock and roll laminate. $15 

Shipping +$2

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VinchenzoTheJackal 2 months ago
I tend to FAV your art every now and then on FA, and also here, and I do have you as a friend on Steam... so maybe we can be friend here to if you want?
Darius Koopa 3 months ago
haha. thanks for le faves! You are an amazing artist if i may say so myself.
Ashwolves5 3 months ago
Thank you
Rimskiy 3 months ago
Thank you for watching me, and I am sorry for my belated response.
Kitoth 3 months ago
Are you now on here or still posting to FA?
Aelius 4 months ago
Thank you for the watch!
GoliathWildcat 4 months ago
Thanks for watching >^_^<
ChocolateFox 4 months ago
thankd for follow me
Korbis 4 months ago
Hey there, thanks for watching! ^^
Ryan Night 4 months ago
Recently just found some of your artwork. It all looks fantastic! Keep it up! ^-^
Heifer 4 months ago
Ashwolves5 4 months ago
hi there, see your updating here as well, saw those jod pics and had to watch
Heifer 4 months ago
we pretty much all need a backup when FA is shitting the bed I guess haha 9u 9