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So i guess i should update this bio since im always changing huh? im still a great big shy grizzly bear haha, but im getting better on the shyness. So now im only shy around new people! improvments! haha im a writer, a reader, a video gamer and now a member of the workforce >.< damn my need of money! umm, im friendly even if im shy so feel free to shoot me a pm or something. Im bi but in the closet mostly aaaaand...i think thats about it haha.

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Latest Journal posted 11 Mar 2014

Soooo i dont know if any of you remember my last Roundabout story, but im trying a take two. 

totally new story, with new characters and new authors and refined rules and more organization!

In case you dont know, a roundabout story is one where one author writes part of the story and leaves it. then another picks up where they left off. there are a few rules to keep the whole thing running smoothly and there is no real time limit. everyone writs their part, in order (to be decided should there be interest) on an official list later. 

the rules as they stand now are as follows. 

1. You must work with what you are given. No starting your own story in the middle of the old one unless you are tying in a new character. 

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Koukatsuke 1 month ago
H-hi... I still need to make my account, but i really wanted to read your story.. H+D i think it was called. It's really good!
dragonlover01 1 month ago
I love "New Beginnings" and am very excited for the next part and would love if possibly to get a maybe time for the next chapter. if it's no trouble? (#^.^#)
zzmerp 4 months ago
Loving new beginnings!
Redan 10 months ago
Are you a fan of D. Gray Man??
Crownedclown13 9 months ago
haha yes i am
Arkarian 10 months ago
Where is MR. Burr!!!!!
Crownedclown13 9 months ago
sorry ive been quiet. just wanna return with a story and i havent been able to write recently. ive been reading trying to re-kindle it
Tobias Woadpaw 1 year ago
so are there any plans to continue the WW storyline??
Crownedclown13 1 year ago
absolutly haha but im currently swamped with life and STILL editting a physical copy of the original before i take the next step. :) thank you for your eagarness and support!
Io 1 year ago
Wishing you & yours the best of the holidays
Merry Christmas! *Hugs, Nuzzles & Licks* ^__^

Mathanwy 1 year ago
Hey can you send me a copy of the New beginning story, the one before your new revised one? I'd like ot read up on that as much lol
Crownedclown13 1 year ago
:( as much as i like to make u guys happy, i feel i should keep that in storage as much as possible. sorry! D:
Mathanwy 1 year ago
aaah its fine, i was just curious to if the option was available, so no worries X3
kawayama 1 year ago
Just read Werewulf, thanks for writing it! Keep up the good work!
Crownedclown13 1 year ago
daaah thank you :)
smiddy 1 year ago
will you be getting back to writing New Beginnings now that Werewulf has reached its grand finale?
Crownedclown13 1 year ago
Indeed i will
Sveargeith 1 year ago
(facepalms self) i am REAL sorry that i didnt respond sooner.the little thingy at the top didn't tell me i had a responce for some reason. anywho, yay! liked that story and cant wait to see it up and running again. :D
Sveargeith 1 year ago
THATS why.*face desks self*. i fogot about having to make a new account.fffffffaaaaaiiiilllll -_-